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A popular free page today is the online Crystal Ball Reading. Scrying is the art of divination using a Crystal Ball or a pool of water. Many of the entertaining psychic tools on my site raise questions & link to deeper thought, paradox & areas that are becoming known as quantum physics. The entire purpose of many of my free readings is to inspire & make people think. For example many people have told me they believe they can influence or even predetermine the outcome of my Crystal Ball. Likewise many people enjoy the free ESP test, a test for Psychic ability using zenner cards or colours. You can test your psychic abilities using my extra sensory perception tests here. For an instant answer to your mental question you can visit my online Crystal Ball. Some of my free readings including my free ESP, My free Numerology and of course all of my free Tarot readings are becoming so popular that my host is charging me extra bandwidth. Thank You to all my visitors, my new site is still in development & will hopefully prove as popular as the current model. For now please continue to enjoy the free psychic readings & Tarot. Check back often, Tarot has shown me my path & lots of exciting changes are on the horizon … The free online psychic and Tarot reading page is here

Card of the day

In my deck the Page of Pentacles is a teenage me with a black cat & relevant to this post, a crystal ball. 

Pages are messengers, perhaps this is a message from my younger self warning me not to slip in to old person grumpiness. Easy to do these days, some of my friends have transitioned very easily, bought the cardigan & everything. Spend a lot of time deciding what to be angry about rather than seek out new inspiration.

This Page is a perfectionist & is meticulous in everything, anything he turns his hand to is guaranteed to succeed. He doesn’t mind hard work & often appears when the seeker is frustrated in their current career and is desperate to break free to face new challenges.

I hope today is inspirational for you

Tarot Affirmation

The Astrological connections here are

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Follow

your ideals but explore all opportunities.

Be alert, ready to learn and offer advice,

optimism will bring the result you desire.

Keep looking to the future …

Paul O’Mara

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I hope you enjoy my free readings

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