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I often meet people who come to me for advice who seem to be stuck in a loop of existence. What do I mean by that ? They simply do the same things, think the same thoughts & expect a different outcome. Guess what ? If you travel the same path, you reach the same destination. Literally every time I turn a tarot card I forget all my preconceptions & connect with what is being delivered to me IN THAT MOMENT. The most important moment of a tarot reading for me is meeting the questioner, I am totally conscious that they may be nervous & I do all I can to put them at their ease. That is why today I want to impress on you that you should strive to step outside of your comfort zone with every interaction and :

Empower those You Come Into Contact With

When you meet someone new, you should always provide a positive experience for them. Gifts can be something as simple as a smile, compliment, handshake, or an acknowledgement. You can also provide a gift of listening to them and being observant, possibly the most important aspect of being an effective counsellor. To provide accurate psychic readings you have to develop great empathy with those who seek you out. The smallest things can mean the most. You can show how much you appreciate someone with the simplest things. Personal gifts are free but can mean a lot to someone. They are very special.

Showing your appreciation can be a huge step towards forming a lasting relationship with people. Give someone a big smile and see how they react. It is very likely that they will return the smile. Smiles can tell us a great deal about people. They let us know that people are friendly, caring, and nice to be around. They are a simple way to show your friendly side to other people.

It is a great idea to get you into the habit of providing these free gifts to other people. Soon, you will find that people are more likely and willing to communicate and spend time with you. You will come off as an attractive person and people will want to get to know you more. It provides a whole new world of possibilities for better things for your life and more opportunities. You could meet a new person, smile at them, and find out that they are the person that you are meant to spend the rest of your life with. This is all based on the simple act of smiling.

Smiling can make you feel much better about yourself as a person and within your life. You become a better person within yourself and you will be much happier overall. If you are happy, you are better able to deal with any situation that arises in life. Your outlook is completely different when you are happy.

There are times when it is not easy to be happy. Learning to be happy is something that takes a lot of practice. Life is full of negatives and that makes people unhappy. A persons individual attitude is what ultimately determines how they respond to stress and negative situations. If you are happy and fulfilled, you are able to respond to any situation that arises in a positive way.

Positive people are glowing and radiant. They are people that others enjoy spending time with and that they want to be around. If you can learn to be happy, you will find that you start attracting many new people that are interested in you. Your life will no longer be lonely. You will find yourself surrounded by friends and new people that want to spend time with you.

It is easy to meet new people when you realize what it takes to be happy and when you offer a smile, a compliment, or a kind word. It starts building a relationship with a person. This small effort shows that you are willing to take the time to acknowledge a perfect stranger. It generates interest and people then want to know more about you. It is all started through a simple gesture that is friendly towards strangers. Smile at people.

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