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My site is built around my Free Tarot Readings it has always been my purpose to provide totally free, thought provoking readings. Finally the Tarot is being clawed back from mere fortune telling as a valid psychological tool.

A success story.

A good Tarot reading I believe should be like a therapy session between the reader & the questioner. Almost like a dance the cards revealed create rapport & show the seeker that they are on the correct life path, or if not what needs to change before their life is back on course & giving them a fulfilling, productive existence. I went through a course of cognitive behavioural therapy to challenge my beliefs & my ‘default’ reactions to life’s challenges. It was amazing to me to see just how much my outlook had changed & now differed from people I at that time considered close. That is where my mantra became ‘ if you always follow the same path, you inevitably reach the same destination’. many times if I am giving a repeat reading to someone who, in my opinion, is stuck in a ‘loop of existence’ it is my responsibility to shock them in to waking up to new inspiration, new experience, to lift them from ‘groundhog day’. An example is someone who I read for several times who recently arrived with a completely new sexy look & indeed a whole new outlook. After many readings that centred around, ‘ My boyfriend doesn’t love me enough, he doesn’t respect me, etc ‘ the penny finally dropped that the only person who could change her reality was her. I had kept laying the cards until one day the sequence was unavoidable. As I turned the 3 of Swords & ultimately the Death card I intimated that perhaps the relationship was beyond redemption & a new dawn was breaking.

Three- Represents synthesis, growth, creativity, abundance,
collaboration, friendship, artistic expression, refining plans,
preparing to take action. The Three of Swords – If you are not truly happy make amends or walk away …

Death – The Greatest Transformation
… Not physical Death but Big changes !

After the reading ….

I was so excited to watch how quickly this young lady blossomed in to a newer more exciting version of herself. Once more in love with life & ready to take on the world. Now unstoppable she has left a comfortable but stifling job & is set for an exciting adventure in pastures new. The cards have predicted a new, sparky but challenging relationship, I can’t wait to see this lady rise to the challenge & finally embrace a complete existence. This case has completely disproved the thinking that ‘ You can have a great job, a fantastic apartment & an amazing relationship, just not all 3 at the same time ‘. This lady had gone out, re-invented herself, broken down the barriers & created her perfect life.

I said that the Tarot, in the right hands, is akin to a session of therapy & I truly believe that. The answers do not necessarily lie in the deck of painted cards, they lie inside you. A good reader should reveal what possible events could reveal your direction, ultimately though it is the questioners destiny, they are in control of their own fate.

What are you waiting for ? Nobody will show you how. Why not start creating your perfect life right now ?.

Keep looking to the future …

Paul O’Mara

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