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Always follow your heart ! Your Gut instinct

Fantastic news that the UK is climbing out of the recession. It has been an amazingly challenging time for everybody & it isn’t over yet !. One good thing that has come from it is that people have been forced to focus on what is really important. January has been SUCH a depressing month, even I who work really hard at remaining positive, have found it a challenge !. As I have given readings to people through the recent hard times it has been increasingly obvious that everyone has started to realise the things in life that are truly important. I have given readings to high flying executives who having been made redundant, suddenly realised that their lives had been a meaningless treadmill. They finally discover that all that mattered was that they could finally appreciate the fantastic journey called life & if they were very lucky the unconditional love of another. To see people reborn like this, released from the grind of the relentless 9 to 5 with time to appreciate their lives & loved ones, is a privilege indeed.

This is what I mean by this post, always follow your heart !. Are you living the life you were destined to live ?. Does each day bring you joy & satisfaction ?. If not, perhaps as the long hard winter prepares to turn to the promise of spring, you need to focus on what could possibly finally release your full potential & see you in full flow living the life you know you deserve. As you prepare to sleep tonight allow your mind to drift and focus on the things that could finally bring you the life of your dreams ….

Thoughts really do become things !

Often as I close a reading with someone I take them on a guided fantasy tour of their future & ask them to subconsciously send a cosmic order to the Universe. I know that those ( & there are many ! ), that automatically say ‘ Win the Lottery’ ! are almost certainly set to be disappointed. However, those who embrace the experiment & say “to live a fulfilled, comfortable life with the love of another & the chance to follow my dreams” have much better odds of achieving the life that will finally release them from their daily challenges …

The Secret language of Tarot and the essential knowledge contained in my deck reveal the possibilities for advancement. Remember you can always re-dream your future to create the reality you know you deserve. 2010 is a year jam packed with possibilities, whatever your dream, whatever you desire let it start now. If you fix the image in your minds eye and instantly squash any negative thoughts then failure to reach your goal is impossible. In these hard times everyone has re-evaluated what is really important, what can make them truly happy. Feel your brighter future approaching now …

What is your ultimate wish ?, I hope you achieve Your dream life this year …

Keep looking to the future !

Paul O’Mara

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