Tarot Court Cards – The Court of the suit of Cups

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The Court of The Suit of Cups. Continuing my journey through the Court cards, the court cards, though puzzling initially are fantastic indicators of the people who are in, or are going to impact, the questioner’s life. I find it useful to describe the energy that I am picking up from any court card that appears as sometimes the questioner will recognise the personality traits and know who the card represents. Sometimes even if the card represents a different sex you can sense & interpret the qualities of the individual the cards are trying to portray. This is why I think it is wise to avoid learning a regimented meaning for each card & just interpret the person you feel coming through.
Each of my Pages indicates the seed of the personality of the suit. The Pages always bear messages related to the inherent qualities associated with their court.
Knights take the inherent qualities of their suit to the next level, the youths of the suit. Learning to trust in their choices & abilities, fight for their beliefs, sometimes in the extreme.
The Queens of each suit take the seed of the Page, the enthusiasm of the Knight and magnify these qualities to nurture & expand on the characteristics of their court to encourage development & growth.
Kings are the embodiment of the energy of each suit. The power that drives & commands their court. They are leaders, innovators, their ambition to achieve their goals is very motivational. Usually larger than life personalities, they will certainly command attention.

The Court of the suit of Cups in Tarot

You can click on each title for a more detailed meaning of each Tarot card.

The King of Cups
An emotional creative fair man, educated, knowledgeable on spiritual matters with strong intuition. Seen with a short sceptre to his left, the ornate cup of this suit to his right; his domain is the sea; on one side a ship is seen riding the waves a colourful fish is leaping. A smaller fish is seen passing a message to the golden robed crowned king. The Lord of the Waves & the Waters.

Divinatory Meanings: Fair man involved in business, science, law, or spirituality; responsible, will be of help to the questioner; intelligent & creative.

Queen of Cups
Beautiful, fair, otherworldly woman, often a visionary. Creative, emotional but in control. She is dynamic & hypnotic. She implicitly understands situations & acts accordingly to manifest the best possible outcome. Often a dreamer who has the power to help you shape your reality.

Divinatory Meanings: Trustworthy, fair woman; honest & loyal. Once befriended will be devoted and helpful in the questioners life. Loving and intelligent, has the gift of vision; guarantees success. Enjoys a pleasurable existence forged by wise choices. Virtuous can be a perfect spouse and an amazing mother.

Knight of Cups
Physically fit non confrontational, organised man. Rides quietly through a charmed life, symbolised by the winged helmet. Highly imaginative & of inspirational character. As per the quality of the suit is aware of his emotions & is a dreamer. Can be a perfectionist which often hinders completion of his elaborate projects.

Divinatory Meanings: Dawning of life changing ideas. The arrival of a messenger. Advancement, propositions or invitations that should be capitalised on, opportunities that should be recognised.

Page of Cups
A pleasing personality, sometimes eccentric. A master of gentle persuasion. Able to manifest an emotional response in those he interacts with. Seen contemplating a fish messenger rising from the cup of the suit. Often instrumental in defusing volatile situations
Divinatory Meanings: Fair young man, one who is adept at social interaction, will be of use to the questioner with solid advice. Educated, emotionally intelligent. Bearer of news, can stimulate messages from the subconscious.

I hope you enjoy the cards & I wish you all the best x Paul

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