Awaken the guru within.

guru within

I am fresh back from my second meeting with the learned men of Colombo I mentioned in my last post. I am buzzing with excitement as they seem to have an amazing ability as to bring what is really important in to focus. In fact the word ‘synchronicity’ could be used to cover how I feel. Today I was asked if I could recognise the feeling that I am on the cusp of an exciting phase, I answered indeed I could as I have some new projects on the go & this week I’ve expanded my skillset & looked at new options for my sites. As I related this, my teacher today admonished me for not seeing the bigger picture. I was told that I had been on a cathartic journey & am now ready to release my inner guru, not focus on trivial details that will just be snapshots in my life. As exciting as that sounds I must admit to feeling slightly perturbed at the prospect. Apparently my Kundalani energy is on the move and I am on the verge of a transformative phase, bring it on. This often occurs to men around my age & if the seeker is not on a spiritual path can throw the individual into total confusion. I said that I have felt for a while that I am ready to embrace a new phase of learning & came away feeling energised and excited. The next phase is to release any preconceptions of who I am and reconnect with my true being, the pure ‘me’ that existed before the programming of family, school & ultimately society, distorted my true purpose. I must say at this point all of these concepts seem much easier to embrace when you are thousands of miles away from home in an exotic land. Deep down I know that this really is the time for me to stretch myself further, physically, spiritually & emotionally. My first true calling, the Tarot , has similar lessons in the Fool’s Journey & it was on the Fool card that I decided to focus as I returned to my lodgings this afternoon. This was the first card I created & was the first step on my journey that has led me along the fascinating Royal Road of Tarot. Update, my Tarot journey is now documented on my Tarot meanings for all the cards page that has links to all my cards & also video tarot meanings.

The final lesson of today was that the Guru exists in all of us. Dharma Charms can connect us to our inner Guru & help us heal & master our Mental, Physical & Spiritual aspects. Many talismans including the Dharma Charm of the Supreme and cosmic Bhaishajyaguru were shown to me. Our western conditioning has developed to make us feel that we have to conform, to suppress our true nature or talent. This is when we begin to feel depressed or as if our life has lost purpose. If you decide to do something extraordinary with your life often you will hear “What do you think makes you special?”  Well from today I am committing to discovering my inner guru and moving my life up a gear. Now is the time for me to attract even more positive experience in to my life. As my time in Sri Lanka & India comes to a close I am working hard to maintain the sense of wonderment & mystery that has engulfed me on this short trip. I will not allow my day to day experience to erase that quality & hope to plan another awakening journey in the near future. My thanks go to Maggie a wonderfully accurate Psychic Clairvoyant who connected with me & told me that my spirit needed re-energising, even the dates that I would travel. Because this was me ‘testing’ Maggies’ accuracy, the magic of that reading almost passed me by. So the moral of the story is live for every moment & try & make it the best you possibly can because you will never get the chance to relive the experience.

What happened to the dreams of your inner Fool ? The Fool in Tarot may start your journey along the spiritual path …

Keep looking to the future …

Paul O’Mara

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