Tarot readings Colour Therapy and the Chakras

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Many healers & psychics use colour therapy to enhance their readings.

The seven Chakras in our bodies are thought to control our positivity, mental outlook & emotional states. Sensitive chakra therapists can sense when there is a chakra imbalance in a questioners body. One of the test readings I had with one of my psychics astonished me when she told me that I had literally caught my breath just before the reading, & that I had the previous day noticed a numb feeling in my arm, both psychic impressions were spot on & she then proceeded to tell me how I could use crystals to open the corresponding chakras and re-establish the balance in my body. By identifying which colour corresponds to the chakra that needs attention you can use colour energy to address the balance in your life.

An easy way to activate your chakras is to surround yourself with swatches of colours that relate to each chakra. You can use crystals of course, or you can use pieces of fabrics or paper & can really start to vibrate with your energies. Once you have energised your chosen colour channels you can begin to use them in your other readings. These are in order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. They are of course the colours of the rainbow.

Chakra in the tarot

You can use the Chakras to add depth in any Tarot reading. Obviously a reading that uses 7 cards lends itself perfectly as you can use one colour to represent each day in the reading. A good example of this is my free Weekly Tarot reading, so you could lay your card for Monday & then introduce the Chakra and interpret the correspondences from my balance Your Chakra Energy Page. So red = the Root Chakra which grounds you to the Earth, encourages material success, aids long term projects and commitments. Some of the best phone tarot readings I have had have been with practitioners who use other forms of energy , such as chakra colour therapy in their psychic readings online.

Combining the Tarot & Chakra energies.

As you are contemplating the Tarot card & the Chakra you can close your eyes & breathe deeply, imaging the life force being drawn into your root chakra, filling your body with a brilliant red energy. Concentrate on this meditation, look inside.
After your reading you can place each of your colour indicators over the chakras of your body as shown in the chakra body image on my Chakras page.

Focusing on this colour therapy is a fantastic way to bring joy and brightness into your life. I truly believe that thoughts become things, so by thinking that these exercises are revitalising your energy centres, you will be surprised at the boost you receive…

As always I truly hope that you manifest everything you desire !

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