Rediscovering the Inner Wizard

My abilities were first recognised by Madame Tamar, a fabulous West Country Psychic who I speak of often. She introduced me to a magical world while I was still very young. A world of High Priestesses, Magicians & Wizards.

The Magician, The Tarot packs very own Wizard

Children today are still fascinated by Wizards, though it is usually likely to be through a famous film franchise. While I was first immersing myself in the Tarot & attending spiritualist churches I opened myself to the energy of the Wizard.

Glastonbury Tor was my study place of choice, I would cycle to the Tor & enter the world of whichever Tarot key I was studying. All around me was the mystery of Merlin, Arthur & Avalon.

Glastonbury Tor & The Ancient Mysteries

Glastonbury is still recognised as a hub of great spiritual power and the divide between the ancient traditions and the world of today feels almost tangible. My time here as I felt myself cross through the veil of The High Priestess for the first time, set me on a journey to higher consciousness, transformed my life forever and fired my thirst for the greater wisdom of the Tarot & the divinatory arts. I often feel the need to astral travel to the Tor as I slip in to the arms of sleep. Recently the 'real world' has been sapping my energy & I feel that a visit home to Glastonbury is needed to re-energise me, to inspire and excite me about the power of the universe.

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Learn to be a Wizard

A protection Magical Talisman for Wizards

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The Secret code of Wizards

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That's all from me for now, Keep looking to the future !


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