Rediscovering the Inner Wizard

hermit wizard

My fascination with Tarot was first recognised by Madame Tamar, a fabulous West Country Psychic who I speak of often. She introduced me to a magical world while I was still very young. A world of High Priestesses, Magicians & Wizards. She said that I would continue my study of Tarot & would be a wizened old wizard myself one day. Obviously as a young teen this absolutely horrified me, though as someone now very much in their 50’s it raises a smile & makes me realise just how wonderful this lady was.

The Magician, The Tarot packs very own Wizard

Children today are still fascinated by Wizards, though it is usually likely to be through a famous film franchise. While I was first immersing myself in the Tarot & attending spiritualist churches I opened myself to the energy of the Wizard.

Glastonbury Tor was my study place of choice, I would cycle to the Tor & enter the world of whichever Tarot key I was studying. All around me was the mystery of Merlin, Arthur & Avalon.

Glastonbury Tor & The Ancient Mysteries

Glastonbury is still recognised as a hub of great spiritual power and the divide between the ancient traditions and the world of today feels almost tangible. My time here as I felt myself cross through the veil of The High Priestess for the first time, set me on a journey to higher consciousness, transformed my life forever and fired my thirst for the greater wisdom of the Tarot & the divinatory arts. I often feel the need to astral travel to the Tor as I slip in to the arms of sleep. Recently the ‘real world’ has been sapping my energy & I feel that a visit home to Glastonbury is needed to re-energise me, to inspire and excite me about the power of the universe.

The Wizard

The archetype of The Wizard in Tarot is of course the Hermit Key IX

Reveal your path, step inside the Hermit card with me. Check in to tarotrehab. 2 minute Tarot journeys, for each key, your journey awaits. 

The Archetype of the Hermit is the Wise Old Man right now he plants a seed of wisdom that reveals your inner truth. You will not recognise this now, it will grow in your heart, later you will remember this moment with a flash of inspiration & clarity.

All mysteries are uncovered with the light of the lantern, Release your worry in to the welcoming glow, You will become the brightest of lights. Many wise Wizards & High Priestesses can be found among my team of recommended psychics. Allow their wisdom to guide you on your next steps. Where is life set to take you?

Remember you are never lost the Hermit is your internal guardian that will always light your path. He can always bring comfort, put you at peace, unravel your dreams, 

I hope your light shines brightly today

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Paul O’Mara

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