Cancer New Moon – 2013 New beginnings

2013 Astrology
The Cancer New Moon – Find your Path

As the New Moon glides, waning, under the influence of Cancer, linked to the Chariot in Tarot, & ruled by the moon. It is time for us to take stock, take the reins & drive toward our destiny, releasing all limiting beliefs. Over the last few months major astrological changes have led those who are open to make changes & lay the foundations for a new reality. Any plans started over the recent months are maturing & will be brought to fruition in time for Harvest as we head towards Samhain. As this is an overpowering Cancer New Moon, emotions will run high, be sure to think before you speak. Of course the New Cancer Moon magnifies feelings of insecurity, dreams may be particularly relevant at this time, you could even be able to cross in to lucid dreaming & create your new reality. Trust that the universe will provide & especially fiercely protect & focus on strengthening relationships. Now is the time to laser focus on the future & release all negativity or long held grudges, they hold no purpose now. Each individual & the universal consciousness are about to experience profound transformations more powerful than we have seen astrologically for almost a century, uprisings round the globe are testament to that. Grab every opportunity now, your thought process may go in to hyperdrive, create, embrace & enjoy. This may well be the time of your life if you are ready to step up & grab your chance…

As always I wish you all the best, Paul x



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