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Tarot The Chariot – Meanings & Meditation 

Out of nowhere the chariot raced towards me.  Drawn by two Sphinxes – one black, one white, symbolising positive and negative energies. On the Charioteer’s shield a winged orb. Many more symbols caught my eye. The voice returned “Face the charioteer. He has potential set alight by determination. He risks nothing and everything, he is oblivious to earthly illusions. He thinks he is the victor though in fact he has yet to conquer time. The Sphynx watch always. Let down your guard at your peril. You must make mistakes to learn the ultimate lessons that are available to you at this moment in time. Are you ready for this test ?”  The chariot clattered past and I was left to reflect on the fiery sky.

Your journey picks up speed, are you in control?  An attractive person with a name from your past crosses your path, listen carefully to what is said, what lesson do they have for you. Take hold of the reins. It’s your life, you are the captain of this ship. The non colours black and white, the number seven. A discussion or questionnaire that challenges. Bring negativity under control. A daily discipline has been neglected, reestablish order, routine is good for you. A documentary or book with links to egypt fires your imagination. Freedom is built on choice, take control of what you can, the rest will take care of itself. A cathartic journey through childhood memories, make time with friends & family to honour the journey you have travelled.

My warrior commands his war chariot drawn by two Sphinxes. One white, one black.  Notice the reigns he holds are not controlling the course of his journey. Can he take control over this destiny?
He is on a quest to control all aspects of his personality. The winged symbol on the chariot represents the male and female aspects of his personality. The celestial symbols on his shield show his preoccupation with spiritual advancement rather than the physical world that he leaves in his path.
The Chariot represents your life choices.  In a phone tarot card reading the question to ask when this card appears is ‘Will you choose wisely and follow the right course’? The Chariot. Escape your earthly binds, release your higher self.

key VII

Ready for fast forward?

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The Chariot, Child of the Power of the Waters, Lord of the Triumph of Light

This card is TRANSITION positivity after internal conflict, Control over negative thought patterns a junction has been reached, a course must be chosen.

The Chariot is static, the journey & progress are internal, your thoughts are transporting you to a future version of yourself. The reigns are invisible though they are firmly under your control. 

This is the 7th portal. The Road ahead comes in to focus, your future self is there ready to show you the way. 

The Astrological influence is Cancer, the environment is highly charged with hidden emotion. You may often put on a brave face, suppress emotion, the Chariot recognises the immense power within, your spiritual battery is charged & ready.

No time for procrastination. Take action and move forward. Time to become an upgraded version of you, let go of the fear, the clock is ticking. The Charioteer has absorbed the lessons of all the archetypes before him, you can trust in his abilities.

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