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strength tarot meaning

Look inside – Quiet the mind

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt is to put the world on pause. To exist just in that second & give myself a little kindness.

I’m a big fan of meditation & hypnosis. Being able to focus, be awake & pay attention to the moment.

When I give telephone tarot readings, it’s not about me, it’s about the sitter. Where they are & where they might be going.

Often I will be on such a different frequency it is difficult to get the questioner to even focus on what is happening. They are on to the next thing before I have even finished a sentence. In just the last few years this phenomena has sped up dramatically. Often when people land in front of me they are SO stressed, I wonder if they are about to burst in to tears.

“I actively monitor my thoughts, watch them move around my head, talk to them “Hello Stress, thanks for popping by”

My daily stress busting checklist:

Is the stress mine? Or am I being a stress Vampire & feeding off someone elses energy?

I consciously notice how I ACTUALLY feel in the moment, pay attention to where I am & what I’m doing. Stop to smell the roses

Put in daily me time. Even 5 minutes, every day to just sit with my thoughts

Physically change my outlook – Choose a different seat on the bus

I actively monitor my thoughts, watch them move around my head, talk to them “Hello Stress, thanks for popping by”

Listen to some relaxing audio, hypnosis or meditation

How do you cope with feeling overwhelmed, I would love to know

Todays Tarot – Strength

Interesting as before I did my grounding rituals this morning I had an overwhelming feeling that everything had gone to pot, that I had too many plates spinning, too many dramas, too much that was beyond my control. My fight or flight response had started its emergency sequence, a younger me would have literally done a runner.

Sunday’s lazy lack of structure amplifies the calendar that is constantly updating itself in my subconscious. I can get the most terrible ‘Sunday Fear’ if I allow the monkey in my head to run off with his always worst cased scenarios of everything I feel I need to achieve. Relationships, gym, work commitments, finances, friends, social media, online gossip. The list is endless. Downtime for this fiery celtic Aries is not an easy place to exist.

As I have said so many times there are only the circumstances you find yourself in, and how you then react to those circumstances. Catch that monkey in your head, sit him down & say ‘Right champ, thanks for your help. This is how it’s going down from here on in. So shut the hell up or get out’

Sunday is a day of rest, a day to unravel & go off plan. For me it’s usually flowers day, that’s been scuppered by Valentine’s, oh well, at least that’s one thing I got right this week.

Information overload is real & being fuelled by our culture. Many of my younger visitors go for an sms tarot reading as they are conditioned to soundbites of information. We are also bombarded with other peoples lives & business via our always on connectivity. Stress levels are rising, we need to focus on the only thing we can really make a difference with, ourselves & what we inject in to the mix of our wonderful world.

Strength for me is always about tempering the spiritual with the instinctive. I always have a gut response & want to go in all guns blazing. Strength also refers to the return of the life force after illness, I’ve been crook all of this year. Enough already, time to overcome weakness & rise to the challenge.

I often get a little too intellectual with my tarot interpretations. I am trying to channel how my mother would have read each card in my mind as I did readings. (If I actually verbalised what was going through my head in our PC world I think I would end up under lock & key)

I think my mother’s interpretation of this version of Strength may have gone something like this. ‘ You’ve got shed loads of imagined problems that need sorting out. Man up & battle through them one by one. If you are too much of a wimp to do that grab the biggest f****** stick you can find & smash your way through it’

Then she would have had a large whiskey, a box of fags & laughed her way in to next week.

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