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Fortune Teller machine


An old fairground amusement, The Fortune Teller. However, this machine does not simply dish out cards for you to interpret your fortune. The machine will burst in to life and, many have said, provide a relevant spoken reading. I hope you enjoy your time with my Fortune Telling Machine, remember what it has told you.
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Digital detox – no rainbows, no unicorns, just Tarot.

Welcome seeker

I have been waiting for you. What is it that you seek?

In these times of change I have stepped in to each of my Major Tarot cards. I have challenged what I really believed, what noise had diluted my dream of Tarot.

Please join me on a 2 minute Tarot adventure, each journey is loaded with symbols & meanings. These are not ‘readings’, they are designed to take you inside what each card means to me.

I hope you like them, if you do & you know any Tarot nuts that may get a kick out of them, please share.

I’m exhausted, this has been my Tarot rehab, I feel a book coming on…

Tarot has been my obsession for as long as I can remember. The dark premonitions of ‘Dr Terrors House of Horrors’, Solitaire the impossibly fabulous Clairvoyant being seduced by Bond in Live & Let Die, The hypnotic spinning Tarot cards in the titles of ‘Tales of the Unexpected’. The Tarot worked it’s way deeper & deeper in to my psyche. Madame Tamar, the famous west country mystic, among many other things, told me that Tarot would play a huge part in my life, even though she herself used normal playing cards as her oracle. Sadly no longer with us, Madam Tamar had told my mother all about me before I was born. When I finally met this amazing lady my fascination with the Tarot became an obsession.

Occasionally I find I need to reset & reboot my belief system. When the law of attraction stops working, my connection to my crystals weakens & my belief in unicorns wanes, I realise again it truly is only me against the universe. Sometimes I feel the need to realign my spiritual compass, to reboot my psychic wi-fi, rediscover my authentic self. It is time for tarot rehab, 22 keys, the greater secrets.

I took a trip, had a dream, remembered who I’ld always been …

Paul O’Mara
Bali, April 2019
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22 keys – reboot, recover & reinvent – detox old beliefs, discover your authentic self