Understanding the Concept of the Third Eye

the third eye

Have you ever heard someone talk about the concept of the third eye?  This is a term that is often used in Eastern philosophy but many Westerners are also very interested in this concept and how it can help them with their intuition, intelligence, and instinct. Tuning in to what is taken in by this part of you can mean making better decisions and even protecting yourself.

Personally I understand the third eye to be the incredible clarity one can achieve through focus & meditation. I certainly understand where the ‘third eye’ concept developed from as I often have a physical feeling at the very front of my brain, on my forehead, whenever I am sat in contemplation, and occasionally during hypnosis. Likewise in those moments of clarity when between waking & sleeping it is possible to take control & direct your dreams, or ‘lucid dreaming’ to give the phenomenon its proper name. Many of my free psychic readings are designed to allow you to focus your mind, the perfect state for developing intuition.

To take advantage of this it’s vital to understand the deeper concept of the third eye so you know how it works and how it actually affects you. Many people think they know what is meant by this concept but because they have mistaken beliefs about how it works, they aren’t really open to the perception it offers. Many of my favourite and best psychic readers report that the front of the brain is where many of their strongest instances of intuition manifest.

What it Means

The concept of a third eye doesn’t mean having an actual eye or seeing things physically better. It also doesn’t refer just to your instinct. Instead, this concept refers to all your senses working with your brain to give you greater intuition in matters. Your five senses take in information based on what you see or hear and then your brain works with that information to build an intuition or inner voice. In some cases you may not even be aware of how this is happening.

As an example, you may not be conscious of subtle changes in a person’s voice or body language when they lie to you, but your intuition tells you that they’re not being truthful. This is because your eyes see them fidget slightly or look away when they talk to you, and your ears hear very slight changes in their voice. You may not be aware of these subtleties but your senses work with your brain to then alert you to a potential untruth. You don’t have anything concrete to base this on, but your inner voice is trying to protect you.

Using This Intuition

Now that you have a better understanding of the concept, how do you use your third eye effectively? The best way to do this is to listen to that inner voice you hear when it comes to your intuition. If you feel that someone may be lying to you, this doesn’t mean you need to automatically decide that they are but it does mean that you should keep your eyes and ears open to more information. If you feel drawn to a particular decision, let your intuition guide you to deeper understanding around your decision and follow that intuition. If you are still searching for answers and have a burning question but don’t fully trust your intuition, remember my top professional Uk Psychics & Clairvoyants are ready & waiting to give you a unique and revealing psychic reading by telephone or text.

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