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Everyone is familiar with the five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing. However, many prominent scientists and holistic therapists believe that there is increasing evidence human beings possess a sixth sense. The sixth sense is presumed to be a more intangible sense, sometimes referred to as intuition, that allows us to connect more deeply with one another and the environment that surrounds us.

The sixth sense is usually more visible within young children, and many believe that adults have simply tuned out their innate sixth sense and forgotten about it entirely. It is very important for the complete physical, mental, and spiritual health of an individual to tap into that innate power and re-energize that ability.

One of the primary goals of all human beings is to live in harmony with one another and their surrounding environment. To access that part of our mind that has been turned off and tuned out, we need to focus our attention on redeveloping that natural ability that we all possess within ourselves. Start by training your sixth sense and strengthening your natural intuition. One thing that you can do is start interacting more with new people. Take notes of what feelings and impressions you get. Also, try visiting new places and trying new things. This will also help develop your natural intuition, your ability to gather information that may not be accessible by our other five senses. You should also take advantage of all the extra emotions and extra perceptions trapped inside your mind that you are probably unaware of. Track your dreams and make notes about the images and secret messages that may be hidden within them. Symbolism in dreams is very prevalent and takes several months before someone can start to interpret them correctly, so don’t get discouraged. Also, take some time out of your busy day to write down anything that comes to your mind. Similar to brainstorming, you want to simply write without any purpose or preconceived ideas, but without any purpose. Simply let the ideas and thoughts flow and you may be surprised as to the patterns or messages you may find in the writing.

Personally I found my initial & continuing journey through the rich symbolism of the Tarot opened my mind more than any of my experiences around the globe. Literally every time I step through that door in to the magic of my Tarot deck a new layer of meanings are revealed to me, a journey that I know will never end. Some of the very best psychics and clairvoyants I have ever worked with attribute the Tarot as the key that unlocked their intuition. You can discover the meanings of Tarot through my personal Tarot deck that is the backbone of my Tarot site. Find my free Tarot readings at

You too can also develop your perception to reach new heights and depths of discovery. Try paying closer attention to the minute details of your surroundings. For example, don’t just drive down a street, instead, look at the houses that line the road, the color of the sky on a particular day, the children on the sidewalk, the sounds of dogs barking in the backyards, and the colors that abound. In addition, you can start paying closer attention to what you hear, especially when in conversations with others. When fully focused on a conversation, try to notice the almost imperceptible changes in tone and inflection. Notice the facial ticks, eye rolls, raised eyebrows, smirks and smiles as the depth of the conversation becomes more obvious to you. Slowly, the ability to perceive these minor changes in voice, appearance, and gesture will become second nature and you will find yourself in closer harmony with the people around you.

Finally, find time to relax your mind. The sixth sense is most acute in a mind that is relaxed and able to perceive the imperceptible. Try adopting a meditation routine. You can start slowly at first, maybe ten minutes each day before gradually increasing to thirty minutes each day. You can also try stress reducing activities, such as walking. Try to avoid listening to music or adding other activities while you are walking. It is best to keep the mind clear and open to the wonders around you. This is also a perfect opportunity to improve and practice your perception training exercises. With all of these techniques at your disposal, you will develop the sixth sense that has been hidden within you for years and find the harmony you have long sought.

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As always, I wish you great success on your unfolding journey, keep discovering !

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