Pure Intuition

the future is in your hands, how do you choose the right reader for you?

My perfect morning⁣⁣Weekends are made to challenge what you believe. I have been free-styling my last readings, forgetting everything I thought I knew & trusting pure intuition, it has been so cathartic. A complete reawakening of my purpose, reimagining who I thought I should be, where I thought I should be headed. ⁣⁣I am a… Continue reading Pure Intuition

Understanding the Concept of the Third Eye

Have you ever heard someone talk about the concept of the third eye?  This is a term that is often used in Eastern philosophy but many Westerners are also very interested in this concept and how it can help them with their intuition, intelligence, and instinct. Tuning in to what is taken in by this… Continue reading Understanding the Concept of the Third Eye