The Queen of Swords – Trust in yourself, be courageous and have no regrets.

queen of swords tarot meaning

The Queen of Swords
The Queen of the Thrones of Air

The Queen of Swords Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The Queen of Swords – Appearance
My Queen of Swords is alone in a clear sky, storm clouds gather beneath her though she is unaware of this. The barren landscape indicates that the Queen is alone, often showing a recently ended relationship. The butterflies, the Angel and the clouds on her dress are all signs of her powerful thought process, linked to the element of Air in the suit of Swords. The Angel also shows a connection with tradition or possible mediumistic abilities.

The Queen of Swords Tarot Card – Interpretation

The Queen stares assuredly from the card. This Queen is steadfast determined and totally self assured. If this card appears in the reading of the seeker then a powerful matriarch can be identified somewhere in the family. If the Queen represents the seeker themselves then they have almost certainly faced great challenges and learnt many of life’s hardest lessons. The Queen indicates that the seeker has great confidence, intelligence and can be relied upon in times of adversity. She is not an easy acquaintance to make, though once you have entered her inner circle you have an ally for life. The suit of Swords is not an easy suit, the overwhelming feeling of this card is of unhappiness, of suffering or loss. This Queen is pragmatic though and does not dwell on past disappointments. Often if this card appears the Queen is questioning what the seeker intends to do with their life, she is a queen of industry, of business and does not tolerate time-wasting or frivolous behaviour. Often a loner, the Queen can make qualified decisions and can be trusted in business. If the Queen of Swords appears in a free tarot reading relating to the seeker then the message is that either they are to meet someone who represents her character, or, that the seeker needs to emulate her powers in order to further their development.

Alchemical Elements : Air with water influence

The Queen of Swords Tarot Card – Correspondences
The modesty of Virgo combines with the Intuitive side of the Moon

My Relationship with The Queen of Swords
When the Queen appears to me I know to trust my independence, to slow down, take a deep breath and draw on my experience to face whatever dilemma has arisen. The Queen often presents to me as a widow, as a wise old sage, someone who’s advice can be trusted. If the Queen arises patience is to be applied, the trials & tribulations of life are presenting new challenges and the solidity and courage of the Queen are to be applied. In any business dealings the Queen reminds me that the only way to do business is the right way. Any shortcuts are to be avoided, I have learnt the hard way that cutting corners only costs more in the long run. Like wise the Queen shows me that any dealings with people who approach me must be scrupulously dealt with. Many people who I have read for resurface in my life many years later & it is imperative that I can be confident our previous meetings were handled professionally, recommendations often occur many years later. One final though the melancholy outlook of the Queen often sparks memories of friends long since departed. The Queen has known sorrow, though she knows better than anyone that true friendship really does live forever in your heart. Remember good times, do not dwell on past regrets, just allow them to build within you, to make you stronger.

The Queen of Swords – Trust in yourself, be courageous and have no regrets.

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