The King of Swords – Be careful in your plans and Justice will be done.

king of swords tarot meaning

The King of Swords
The Prince of the Chariots of the Winds

The King of Swords Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The King of Swords – Appearance
My King stands upright protectively shielding his glinting inverted Sword. Behind him a dreamlike cloudscape moves from calm to grey. The images of the Moon representing introspection & a butterflies wing which hints at the Air element of the suit. Two trees frame the king one of which floats in the air and bursts into flames, showing that even the most unexpected events do not surprise this King. Musical notes are glimpsed floating in front of my King of Swords indicating that he moves through life to his own carefully structured internal tune.

The King of Swords Tarot Card – Interpretation
When the King of Swords appears in the reading of another the need to understand and unravel the truth of their existence is paramount. The King can be a considerable enemy but will become a true ally to those who accept his unflinching code for living. He is set in his ways & is unwavering in his belief that his way is the right way. Though he has overcome insecurity the King has risen to be respected in his field and can be relied upon to diplomatically decipher even the most difficult and complex projects. The King is very careful to control his outward appearance and his emotions are hidden to even those who may get close to him. Personal relationships are nearly impossible as to the uninitiated he may appear completely self absorbed. This King is far happier giving advice around matters of logistics or business. The King is almost hindered by an incredible thought process that continues  even when he sleeps. If he comes to represent another in a reading then he is almost certainly an insomniac who is obsessed with the small details. Likewise often the King of Swords can relate to a military connection and will possibly have friends scattered around the globe. Trustworthy & of strong character The King of Swords is a strong anchor to any reading. Should the King appear in an ill dignified position in the reading his focus can turn to unhealthy introspection, he can also appear to indicate that the questioner is severely lacking structure to their existence and needs to urgently develop a plan for how they want their life to progress.

Alchemical Elements : Air with water influence

The King of Swords Tarot Card – Correspondences
The dominance of Leo is balanced by Libra

My Relationship with The King of Swords
If the King appears in my tarot reading I know that I need to carefully analyse my life. He often appears when the need to listen to authority figures or challenges involving business are on the horizon. The King will offer me advice I know, though it will only be from his perspective. Often this is the lacking piece of the puzzle and legal or business research is where I need to focus. Difficult for me as the more creative and esoteric sides of my concerns are of far more interest to me. When the King of Swords appears any advancement is solely down to mental clarity and focus, it is pointless to try and bluff through as strong commitment and planning are the only tools that will bring about a successful conclusion. The focus of the King warns against emotional attachment, reason & careful consideration of the bigger picture are what is needed.

The King of Swords – Be careful in your plans and Justice will be done.

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