The end of a relationship

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Dealing with the end of a relationship

Many times people come to me for a reading & it is obvious that they want me to help them rekindle a relationship that has obviously ended. Most of the time it is clear to me that the relationship has ended for a reason & they want to rekindle it simply for the familiarity & security that the partnership provided.

Though it may be scary & disorientating, when the Universe indicates that a relationship is over it is usually to release you to the opportunity that a new connection may be offering …

There are times when a relationship will end. There are many reasons that this occurs. There are also many different lengths of time that a relationship has gone on before it ends. Sometimes people will have been in a relationship for many years and other times they will have only been together for a few months. However, no matter how long the relationship has been established, there are still certain things that are true for every relationship that ends.

The end of a relationship will impact both people. They will both be hurt and have a wide range of emotions. No matter who is at fault or even if someone is at fault, it is going to change both parties. They will both be emotionally drained for a long period of time. They may not have any desire to be around anyone, even friends. Oftentimes a relationship that ends, whether good or bad, results in depression. Other times it leaves people angry and hostility becomes an issue for them for any length of time. They are blaming the other person or something has happened that ended the relationship that has made them angry. No matter what the situation is, the emotions have to be dealt with.

It is a very bad idea to try to jump into a new relationship right after a relationship has ended. However, many people do this. They have gotten used to having someone in their life. They miss having that and do not know what to do about it. So, they try to find another person to fill that void. However, this is a destructive pattern. It is also unfair to the other person that they are pulling into their negative pattern.

They are offering a false sense of themselves. They are pretending that they are in the relationship for the relationship. The other person has no idea that there is anything else going on. However, in most cases, the two people are not compatible with each other and they end up in a very bad situation.

They will not stay together and in time the relationship will completely deteriorate. The person that was using the relationship is now empty and alone once again and in most cases they are much more emotional and hurt than they were when they started.

The particular circumstances surrounding the relationship will factor into everything and determine how a relationship ends. If it was simply dating, then it will end easier than if it was a live in situation or if there were children involved. There are no specific rules about relationships and dating.

There are also no specific rules about how these relationships will end. Each person, each relationship, each life has its own dynamics and ideals. If a break up is mutual and simply due to the fact that the people are not compatible, it can be easier to end the relationship and keep things on good terms. If there are issues that have caused the relationship to deteriorate on the part of one person, then the relationship is much more likely to end in a bad way and with anger.

Remember love is all there is & to love yourself first is the most important thing.

I wish you only Joy & success xxx

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