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The Court cards of the suit of Swords are the embodiment of the element of Air that represents thought & intelligence. The swords are the mirrors of the subconscious & represent the development of opinions & beliefs. Usually associated with potential they can often indicate an affinity with spring & can be represented by Aquarius, Libra & Gemini astrologically. An abundance of Swords in a questioners spread can prove challenging & a balance of other suits is preferable to diffuse the severity of these double edged cards. Intelligence is central to the Court cards of the Swords suit, though if badly placed or reversed can indicate that the person is likely to be stubborn & not easy to negotiate with. Ambition, mental agility & decisive action surround this court & as the Sword is perfectly balanced you have to be careful to encourage positivity from any of the characters that populate this suit.
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The King of Swords
Standing before you judgementally, between you the sign of his suit. He has parallels to the symbol of Justice in the Major Arcana. Quick to assess situations & make decisions this King should be approached with honesty & respect. The Butterfly wing represents the Butterfly effect of how this King’s decisions can have instant repercussions around the world. The flaming tree represents the speed that decisions can be implemented by the sword of this suit.

The Queen of Swords

To her right the weapon of the suit. You can sense a feeling of regret, sometimes around lost loves. She takes no prisoners. The butterflies represent her thought process & the ability to raise her mind above everyday issues. Fiercely independent, her decisions are based on logic not emotion. Can represent a very private individual & the stormy sky can indicate holding on to resentment.

The Knight of Swords

The white horse symbolising focus & purity of intent. Again the birds & butterfly indicate thought patterns above the norm & an extreme clarity of vision. The electrical storm embodies the energy & force of this card. His sword always cuts through to the truth of the situation. The skill, bravery & mental capacity of this knight can reveal the truth behind any turbulent circumstance. The downside is that the intelligence of this Knight can occasionally border on madness.

The Page of Swords

A lithe, perceptive, active figure; his sword upright, he moves decisively & quickly. He is passing over rugged icy terrain, linked to his ruthless nature. The clouds swirl wildly around him, disguising his true intent. He is alert and confident, looking directly at you, though fully aware of his environment. Vigilant he can be secretive & deceptive, as symbolised by the scorpion. He is a messenger bringing opportunities, though not always to be trusted.

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