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the Devil & the Angel of Temperance

Tarot today our old friend the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub. I’ll admit, on my endless journey through the greater secrets, The Major Arcana, the Devil is my Achilles heel. As an Aries Horse, obsessive creative Celtic – to use just some of my enabling excuses, I have to be careful to keep my temper under control. A LOT of internal chanting goes on. I very rarely ‘lose my temper’, I can’t afford the repercussions any more, I have too many previous pressure cooker moments that still come back to haunt me on a daily basis. It can be the simplest thing, though usually it is frustration that causes me to want to throw all of my toys out of the pram. Fortunately if I do ever go off these days it is very short lived, I find it easy now to disperse the energy & channel it somewhere more constructive. A creative escape I am finding useful at the moment is the escape to your happy place visualisation.

“Freeze frame any frustrations, then just drift off, your fantasies are waiting”

Do not fear the Devil, he has been with you your whole life, your personal demon sits inside waiting for his moments. A telephone tarot reading can reveal your inner archetype. It may be the Devil, it could just as easily be the Fool or the Magician. All of the archetypes live within us & make their presence known at different points along our journey along the Royal Road of Tarot.

Anger, envy, jealousy, recognise these shadow emotions, meditation shines light on your shadows – Stop Fearing imaginary futures. Trust intuition, drop the facade. 

Saturn the gatekeeper allows vision beyond illusion, creating the life you know you deserve. face your inner demon step in to the light, his power will dissolve.

The appearance of The Devil in a spread calls for self Control. This is the card of obsession, addiction, temptation, arrogance and greed. It is The Fool’s darker nature rearing it’s ugly head. This is a time when your problems are of your own making, but that also means you can control them.

Key Words: Control * Obsession * Temptation * Limitations * Greed

Interpretation: Control your emotions and appetites. Beware of becoming obsessed. Resist temptation. Learn your limitations. Do not give in to greed and negativity.

Tarot Affirmation

“He is evil incarnate, though only if you allow him the power. Look with purity & truth, see only love beyond time & he will dissolve. Eternal love can be yours.”

The happy place, where all of your dreams & fantasies are allowed to roam free, where all of your imaginings live. Everything is possible, people & situations that are troublesome are easily defeated & you are the superhero, the pop star absorbing the adulation as the pyrotechnics close the show. Your happy place can be somewhere you have already been, where you reconnected to your true self, felt completely alive. Does that ring any bells in your subconscious? – Have you been to such a place? It can also be somewhere you have only ever dreamed of, somewhere at the edges of your imagination. Take a moment to escape to your happy place now, you have the power to transport there whenever you need. Freeze frame any frustrations, then just drift off, your fantasies are waiting.

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