Shadows and Light

tarot readings reveal secrets
⁣Tarot card readings are simply a doorway to an open honest discussion

Secrets hiding in the shadows hold the potential to bathe you in the brightest of lights. I have been revisiting the 3 of Swords. The extraordinary reactions this card can evoke in a sitter is one of the most powerful responses you will experience as a reader. The powerfully graphic image of the heart pierced by the 3 swords, the brooding storm.

“Look out for the shadows today, greet them like an old friend, then pull them further in to the light.”

Many people have a strong emotional memory of literally having their heart broken, the deep seated feelings of relationships failing, possibly conflict. Perhaps even memories of someone betraying our trust These memories can shake us at soul level. Many times I see a sitter who holds such experiences in their psychic memory who is unable to escape this loop of experience. The original memory is so powerful that it is able to overwhelm & disorientate many years after the original event. This is where facing your shadows can be so cathartic and truly set you free. This is where working through your emotional memory bank releases & nourishes you, enabling you to grow and flourish. Look out for the shadows today, greet them like an old friend, then pull them further in to the light.

The next card is the 9 of Cups Time to be happy in your skin

We all hide behind our armour, our masks. All of my trinkets & disguises are nice but they are just distractions, they don’t define who I am.

The face we present, the armour we wear can’t replace being comfortable in your skin. That is a skill that we never cease to learn.

The Nine is the card for seeking out sustainable happiness. Getting to that place of peace where you are genuinely happy in your skin,  it is the card of achieving dreams, gratitude, it is the wish come true card.

Often seeking out happiness involves lifting the lid on uncomfortable scenarios, discussions that it would be easy to swerve. However, when you do deal with these often minor internal niggles, so many connected shadows burn away.

When someone embarks on an internal journey, the reliance on external stimuli tends to dissolve, they don’t require validation from anything or anyone anymore. You know those people, the ones who seem to smile from the inside. A psychic telephone reading with a recommended psychic can reveal where you are on your life path, perhaps reveal new avenues of exploration that you hadn’t previously considered. A great place to get some bearing of where you are on your path is a free online tarot reading there are many options to explore on those pages, choose your cards, what insights will be revealed?

When the Nine appears to you accept unquestioningly that your desires are about to be realised. Rewards and a pleasurable time stretch out in front of you, give thanks to whatever power you believe in and accept the abundance and contentment that is set to wash over you.

Tarot Affirmation

The Astrological correspondence here

is Jupiter in Pisces. Emotional stability is

yours now. Expect success, you have

accomplished much. Now is the time to

experience sustained happiness.

It may be uncomfortable, then their power will diminish & strengthen you in ways you never thought possible. Be a wi-fi beacon of love today, go forth & be exceptional.

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