Tarot – Justice – Balance and Harmony

Daughter of the Lord of Truth
Justice The Scales of Balance 

Justice Detailed Tarot Reading
Justice, the daughter of the Lord of Truth, the holder of the balances. When Justice powers into your reading, you have choices to make. The scales must be balanced.  What you sew you will most definitely reap. Especially around the delicate influence of Libra and the Hebrew letter ‘lambed’ connect to this card. You are ultimately responsible now. No external forces can guide your hand. The sword of discernment and the scales force you to balance your ego and visualise a better circumstance, not only for you, but for us all and as we are all connected therefore ultimately the Universal consciousness and our planet as a whole.

I have the keys and the symbols have been revealed to me. The veil fell and I entered the temple. An intense, mysterious, crowned woman sat before me. She held a sword and the scales of balance. Transfixed, I heard in my mind, “Now truth is all that matters, you must now pay for all of your actions each one must eventually be weighed. I can release you from uncertainty, you have known all along that you would ultimately be responsible”.
You must trust that all will come good now and grasp this opportunity to move forward. Justice, the daughter of the Lord of Truth, the holder of the balances has judged you. You are now released from all burdens, harmony is restored and clarity achieved. Revel in your new found freedom, strive to live the life you never dreamt possible.

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