Tarot – The Moon – Reality Or Illusion, Discover The Unknown

moon tarot meaning

The Moon.

Ruler of Flux and Reflux, Child of the Sons of the Mighty

The Moon Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :

The Moon Tarot Card – Appearance :
THE MOON-Symbolised by a green eyed Wolf.
Reflected in calm waters the moon is visible.
Dogs alert in the silver glow. An eerie light emerges
from the twin towers.

The Moon Tarot Card – Interpretation :
This card can herald anxiety and insecurity.
A turbulent state of mind. Badly placed in the
spread it tells of high level stress bordering on exhaustion
and disillusionment with the current path. If well
placed, such as the central card, it denotes peace, visions
come to reality, calmness of mind, and the victory of the
soul over the turmoil of the mind. Fear & anxiety will be driven
back to the place from which it had no right to come.

Listen for The Message In a Dream, on the edge of consciousness …

The Moon Tarot Card – Correspondences


Tree of Life Path : 19
Trump : 18 – The Moon

Hebrew Letter : qoph

Element, Planet, Zodiac

Deities : Khepera, Neptune
Animal : Fish, Dolphin
Plant : opium

My Relationship with The Moon
The Moon influences the tides of the oceans, our bodies are comprised mostly of water. Therefore it makes sense that The Moon has effects on the human body. Whenever I notice The Moon, at whatever phase of the lunar cycle I feel its power. My dreams are always more intense around the Full Moon, I have received visions around this phase & always try & remember any hidden meanings from particularly lucid dreams by taking notes as soon as I awake. You have to be careful to sift such information as some can be illusions bordering on madness while others can be flashes of inspiration revealing exciting opportunity. The influence of The Moon should never be underestimated. If I am privileged to view The Moon during rural walks or on holiday in a beach setting, I always try to renew my connection to its shining power. A reading with one of my amazing  telephone psychics can always reveal your next steps, would the moon make an appearance in your cards?

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