May’s Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse – What Does it Mean for You & Your Sign

full blood super moon

The Full Moon shifts in to sexy, secretive Scorpio, intense & mysterious. Change is inevitable, yes the full moon can release that which no longer serves, but will you finally step outside of your comfort zone? This moon shines light on your path, it is up to you to do the work , manifest the change you desire.

Transformation around the eclipse brings sudden swift revelations. Scorpio moves quickly & packs a sting, embrace the chaos, prepare for revelations, ditch any residual emotional baggage.

Scorpios shadow focuses on control issues, allow ing us to challenge taboos and obsessions. This moon magnifies emotional intensity making us super intuitive. Listen carefully deep truths will be revealed.

I love the moon, the rituals, the monthly markers through the year. I have shared many times about my mothers love for the moon & her reliance on the almanac, she was incredibly green fingered & the May moon meant that she could get fully engaged with her beloved gardens. This month’s amazing full moon is the flower moon, and while it is always an attractive spring event to look forward to, this year’s moon is especially powerful.

That’s because this full moon is also a supermoon, meaning this would be extra-close to the Earth and therefore extra-powerful. Its official name is actually super flower blood moon lunar eclipse.

Full moons are always an opportunity to let go of burdens you have been carrying; to release those weights & move forward more freely. Lunar eclipses are actually a great time to focus on your relationship with yourself.

Why is the May Moon Called the Flower Moon?

The full Moon names are variously derived from Native American, Colonial American, and European regions. Traditionally, every full Moon name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it actually occurred, not solely to the Moon.

May’s full flower Moon is the first supermoon of 2022. A supermoon is most properly defined as any full Moon that occurs when the full Moon is at least 90% of perigee (the point in the full Moon’s orbit where it’s closest to Earth). In 2022, there will be 4 supermoons that you can see.

When Will the Super Flower Full Moon Appear in 2022?

You will find the full flower moon at its peak on Monday, May 16, 2022, at 12:14 am ET. 05:14 BST. The total lunar eclipse will reach its peak just a few minutes before, at about 12:11 am ET, 02.32 BST on May 16.

What Does the Full Flower Moon Mean for Your Zodiac Signs?

Tarot is my number one mistress so of course my main focus around the Full Moon are The Moon in Tarot & The Death Card which corresponds to Scorpio. You can find all of your Astrology reports & horoscopes on my Astro site Let’s take a dive in to what the flower moon means for your zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Take a keen look at how you are perceived this month of May and make sure it aligns with what you are trying to project.. This month is good for Aquarians to take a look at what defines them, how they spend their time & career development..

Pisces: Go ahead & scratch that travel itch this month, because it is probably the time to get out for an adventure. This is the period for furthering your learning, so you may also consider taking an audio book or class to learn something new.

Aries: So, this flower moon is the perfect time for Aries to focus on your inner healing. It is a good time for therapy or other work that helps you to navigate your subconscious & have a chat with the inner child.

Taurus: Taurus should focus on relationships this month. All of your intimate one-on-one relationships actually deserve your attention & care.

Gemini: Take a good look at your mental & physical health during this May month. This full flower moon can be a good start to a new healthy nutrition or fitness habit.

Cancer: Creativity can shine for you this month. Dive deep into your passions & let them take over, because you never know where being lost in your creative flow may lead you.

Leo: This full moon month is all about home life for Leos. This intimate space needs cultivation & love, so pour your positive energy there.

Virgo: Take a deep look at how you are communicating with other people this month. This month of May will amplify your analytical skills but you need to be extra careful not to go down a rabbit hole with them.

Libra: May could just be a special month of financial progress for Libras. You will have new ideas about how to experience more abundance in your life, a long held dream can bubble to the surface.

Scorpio: The flower moon in May is asking Scorpios to explore all parts of inner you. It’s also a great time to focus on your sense of self & identity.

Sagittarius: Don’t be too afraid to spend your precious time alone during the May flower moon. Solitude can do you some good & recharge your inner energy while helping you slow down the pace of life.

Capricorn: Seek out peers & allies that will most probably support you in setting goals & creating a good strategic plan for your future.

Alternative May Moon Names

May’s Moon names tend to speak of the arrival of spring season and all that it entails! The Cree names Budding Moon & Leaf Budding Moon celebrate the awakening of local flora, which really begin to leaf out now in different areas. Also, Planting Moon (Dakota, Lakota) marks the time when seeds should be started for the upcoming farming season.

The activities of animals marked spring season arrival, too, which is highlighted by the Cree names ‘Egg Laying Moon’ & ‘Frog Moon’, as well as the Oglala term ‘Moon of the Shedding Ponies’. All three names show that warmer weather is on the way!

How To Use The Full Flower Moon To Your Advantage?

Right now, as we all continue to emerge from collective trauma, this month’s full moon provides a chance to reflect & meditate on some personal demons you most probably wish to shed. Set some intentions & think about how you can grow and heal this season.

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What challenges can arise with the moon? It can mean anything from planning to reach out to someone you would love to make amends with to setting aside more time every day to cuddle with your pet, if that helps your mental and physical health. Don’t feel pressure to do anything else other than honour yourself & think about what will make you feel your best; this is a time to take charge, process & open the door for healing.

Scorpios are considered for their sexuality, and once again, all the old rumours are true. However, that does not mean they want no-strings-attached sex, & especially right now, people are seeking emotional intimacy along with the physical.

For a full moon in Scorpio ritual, light a candle and simply write down all your old fears you want to release. When you are finished, rip it up into little pieces & throw it away. Then, make a list of each and everything that you love about yourself. The Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is a time of great power but you have to be prepared to change to manifest your desires.

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