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Tarot readings for friends & readings by telephone

If you are contemplating using your developing Tarot skills in order to perform readings for friends there are a few important points to remember. Firstly & most obviously how will you remain objective considering that you will undoubtedly know a good deal about your friends circumstance.

I am lucky to have developed a small team of talented readers, Clairvoyants & Psychics who I can refer a friend to. I must say I prefer this option as no unconscious uses of previously revealed information is being passed on.

If I do perform a reading for a friend or close acquaintance I always insist on using the pure meanings of each Tarot card and try & keep my intuition out of the equation. There is so much responsibility involved in giving a reading for anybody, as you can be sure that whatever you say will be absorbed subliminally by the questioner, so it is vitally important to think of what information you are revealing.

No one ever really decides to become a reader, The Tarot finds you & becomes, in my case anyway an all consuming obsession. I definitely live my life through the Tarot, almost as a belief system. even though I work very closely with Psychics & Clairvoyants & don’t feel comfortable with using that term to describe what I do. I prefer to be referred to as simply a Tarot reader or the slightly more esoteric Cartomancer.

Psychic readings over the phone

When performing tarot readings for a questioner over the phone you will be faced with people just like yourself. You need to have experienced life & love in all of its forms, because you will be faced with all manner of situations related to peoples lives, you must never forget that the situation being faced by the questioner is the most important thing in their lives at that moment of their development.

The Tarot was right …

I started this thread talking about reading for friends, a friend of mine recently considered a major life change. In an excited text message she asked me if she was following the right path. I quickly drew 3 cards, The Ace of Swords, The Three of Wands & the Wheel of Fortune. I blurted out ….  ‘the Ace is finely balanced, this Sword could cut both ways, a close choice, The three have you sent your details abroad for consideration, The Wheel as outcome in your favour begins to turn for you …….”   A few hours later I got a message from my friend, she said, “The cards were right, The Ace was a choice between me & another, The Three yes I have secretly sent my portfolio / cv abroad, The Wheel, I’ve just heard i’ve got  my dream job !!!”

I was put on the spot & the cards came through for me again, though this was a reading for a friend she hadn’t told me of her plans, once you tune in to the cards the information will always appear when needed, that is the synchronicity of Tarot. I am delighted for my friend, though must say in this case, the answer really was on the cards …

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