Crystal healing with Kyanite

Kyanite is an excellent stone for meditation and spiritual development.

Moldavite was my first experience of a crystal that I believed was resonating with me, You can read all about that in my in my previous post here > Moldavite the Stone of Transformation. < I have recently had a total hip replacement & complications. Obviously I am following my surgeon’s & physios advice to… Continue reading Crystal healing with Kyanite

Tarot readings Colour Therapy and the Chakras

Many healers & psychics use colour therapy to enhance their readings. The seven Chakras in our bodies are thought to control our positivity, mental outlook & emotional states. Sensitive chakra therapists can sense when there is a chakra imbalance in a questioners body. One of the test readings I had with one of my psychics… Continue reading Tarot readings Colour Therapy and the Chakras