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Ace of Cups

ace of cups tarot meaning

Love really is all

Emotions, Consciousness, Inspiration

The Radix of the Powers of Water

An ornate cup held by a disembodied hand appears from the clouds, a dove of peace appears and drops a communion wafer into the vessel displacing 5 streams of water, the 5 senses that spill over into the lily pond below.

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The Ace of Cups, the very root of the suit of cups that correspond to water & the emotions. As we are composed mostly of water the power of the moon can have a strange pull on the emotions, this is never to be expected more than when the Ace appears in our reading. Often compared to the Holy Grail the Ace of Cups is always welcome though you need to be objective & make sure that your feelings are not obscuring it’s true meaning.

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The energy flowing through this card is purely elemental, emotions & feelings will run high. Relationships, partnerships even marriage are indicated by the Ace of Cups. As with all Aces here is a new beginning, go with the flow but be careful to not get carried away by the currents that run through this card stirring you to the centre of your very being. The Ace of Cups – Are you ready to be loved?

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