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The Law of Attraction- Cosmic Ordering

I am seeing a huge increase in visits to my Online Wishing Well & also my Instant Online cosmic Ordering Service. Both of these methods utilise the same energy, making the user visualise the energy that they are sending out to the Universe. There is no doubt that energy is all around us & forms every atom of our world, influencing every moment of our existence. It is by focusing our own energy & vision that we can send out our own frequency, our own tractor beam, to allow the universe to deliver our desires.

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I love it when someone contacts me & says that by using my wishing well or my cosmic ordering it has served to plant a seed that has stayed in their thought process. When we can focus our desires & keep them bubbling in our subconscious we are sending a constant stream of positive energy that begins to resonate and attract positive experience to our frequency for success. Some people have tried using the Law of Attraction & have seen no results at all, there are very good reasons as to why you might not have the success you desire.

Are your expectations realistic ?. I have some lovely people who regularly contact me & wish they had, for example, the ability to transform themselves into a Unicorn by blinking their eyes. Now I have great faith in positive thinking & how it can attract anything you desire, but even I have doubts about instantaneous Unicorn transmogrification !.

Have you set a realistic time-frame ?. Many people in todays frantic society expect instant gratification for everything. What you should aim to do is drip feed positive energy surrounding your desires, you must embed a belief in your subconscious that the universe is actively working to provide everything you wish to manifest. Don’t give up or become disheartened, make sure that you are vibrating on a positive frequency & trust the universe to come online & start helping you reach your goal.

Commit your belief. Don’t endlessly send out mental messages, seriously think about what you wish to manifest & commit to dragging that into your reality. Endlessly confusing messages will simply be akin to an endlessly tuning radio, you need to find your station & keep broadcasting your message !.

Don’t be too obvious
Be creative in your thinking. One of the number one requests I get is “how can I win the lottery?“, think about it if you did win the lottery, would this solve all of your problems ?. In fact many peoples lives are damaged by winning the lottery, they lose the money very quickly or are hounded by friends & relatives who expect to join the gravy train!. A far more creative message to send to the universe would be ” Please conspire to help me live a comfortable life whilst still continuing to do the things that I enjoy”. Lucky is the person who is able to make their living from whatever it is that excites them & gets them up in the morning. The Law of attraction can deliver material comforts, be sure though that the message you are sending out is a positive one & you can only attract things that bring joy & fulfilment. As the energy builds around your manifestations aim to seek out experience that can only multiply the positive aspects of your life.

Don’t get bogged down by tangible results

Initially you shouldn’t expect to be able to materialise a Ferrari just by thinking about one !. Instead build a complex mental vibration & begin to create in your mind elements that will mesh together & eventually begin to present the building blocks of your dreams. Imagine how you would look, imagine how you would start your day, yes imagine stepping in to your dream car & zooming down the freeway with the wind in your hair, but be sure to cosmically order the framework to support that type of lifestyle.

Never quit believing

If you get frustrated and refuse to notice the small changes that can eventually snowball to create a new reality, you may undo all of the good work that you have done. Be careful not to become disillusioned & allow yourself to believe that you will never achieve your desires as your mental energy will then simply become a network of negative vibrations. This will render your ability to capitalise on opportunities useless & set you up for another loop of disappointment.

The truth about the law of attraction

The truth is that by focusing your mind on the positives, on what you want to achieve, your subconscious will actively strive to provide those experiences. You will programme yourself to move away from individuals who have a negative effect on your energy. You will start to form an unshakeable belief that opportunity becomes obvious to you. Any previous negativity will simply be replaced with a belief & trust that you realy can begin to slowly but surely manifest the life that you have always desired.

Beware of the Dark-side !

In a previous post I talked about the dark & light energy that exists in us all. As you become more positive & focus your thoughts on success, always be aware of any previously limiting behaviour that will definitely pop up to try & scupper your journey. Any ingrained negative behaviours will fight to survive & you should mentally greet them & in your mind say ” I no longer need any limiting beliefs, you may go & bother some other poor soul !”. This may seem strange but you will soon recognise patterns of behaviour that you previously accepted as normal fading away completely. No matter how scary or how difficult you think it will be to break away from the past, your previous habits, for that is all they were, were just learned behaviours. It takes approximately 20 times for a new action to become a habit, out with the old & in with the new !.

Start your engines

I seriously hope you will continue to send out positive energy & expect the universe to deliver everything you desire. I truly hope you can manifest the happy & fulfilling life you know you deserve.

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