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Ten of Cups

ten of cups tarot meaning

Lasting harmony

Kindness, Harmony, Co-operation

Lord of Perfected Success

Ten cups appear over a field of wheat. The end of a the rainbow can be seen shining on a household in the distance.

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The Ten of Cups tarot is a beautiful card that embodies attainment & success. In relationships this can symbolise that the soul mate has been discovered & the questioner can now begin to enjoy life, safe in the knowledge that the partnership is permanent. If this card appears in Psychic relationship reading, then a happy union is indicated. The wish from the previous card in the suit has been fulfilled. Emotionally we are genuinely happy, we sense that everything is working out for the best. Trust is forming allowing you to experience true freedom, you can now follow your highest ideals, now is the time to fulfill your aspirations. Any partnership or relationships are set to last when the Ten of Cups appears in your reading, this card embodies the purest emotions inherent in the suit, now you feel your spirit rejoicing at the harmony that is set to flood every aspect of your existence.

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You can now kick back & go with the flow safe in the knowledge that those around you will always be there to provide the support that you need. Celebrate your life now, you are valued for exactly who you are. Stop searching and just enjoy the moment. The last time I spoke about this card, I was seperated from my life partner by circumstance when we met up we made the most of every second, now I am back we have fallen back in to our life as if we have never been apart. This is the message of the Ten of Cups, when you meet your life partner you will know it without a shadow of doubt, nothing will challeng this union, this is when you feel completed and the rest of your life will benefit from the emotional security that comes with a committed relationship. Other subliminal messages in the Ten of Cups tell you to listen for great news, for births, for exciting opportunities. When you have a stable happy home you can celebrate life, all ventures seem destined for positive conclusions. When you have experienced the joy of the Ten of Cups the rainbow comes to rest over your home, long held plans or wishes will be granted. After the earlier struggle in the suit, a happy conclusion is assured. The Ten of Cups – A state of perfection is possible, joy is everywhere, celebrate as never before.

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