Tarot, The Empress – The Beauty of Nature Emerging

power of nature
the power of nature
The Empress
Tarot The Empress – Beauty in Nature – Meanings in Detail

Tarot The Empress

The sign of Venus hit me. I was overwhelmed by happiness. “Everything around you is joy” I said.  “Do you know of hunger and cold?  That all things must eventually die?”  There was no reply but her smile said to me “There is no death. Will you not live as if you were to die tomorrow?”
When the Empress appears in your telephone psychic reading she is mother earth, pregnant, within a field of corn, seated on her throne. Her golden heart shaped shield represents imperial power and carries the female symbol for Venus. References to her fertility are abundant, relationships are well starred if she appears in a psychic love reading. Her crown is comprised of many six pointed stars and has astrological significance. The sceptre she carries signifies the world and all of its experiences.  The flowing water behind her symbolises the union of male and female.  Ultimate femininity. Connections with pregnancy or mother figures, even the birth of a new way of living or exciting project. When the Empress appears know that you are loved. Grasp this energy and be open to new emotional connections. The Empress.  The beauty of nature emerging.

key III

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Creativity, pure joy. The unconditional love of the mother archetype. Regardless of how upside down our world turns, The Empress will show us pure joy. The earth is reborn, potential is everywhere. The Empress reminds us we are servants of light, our path is lined with opportunity if we turn our faces to the sun, ignore the emotional vampires.

The Empress is the embodiment of plans & dreams symbolised by rebirth. The energy of nature creates our destiny before the call of the Empress is heard again in the Judgement card.

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