secrets revealed

High Priestess

The High Priestess, Priestess of the Silver Star, Keeper of the keys. When she appears knowledge washes my subconscious. Not details, fragments, snippets of other times, places. The older you get the more you realise life is backwards, sideways, all at once. Time is not a straight line, it’s a scribble, difficult to unravel like… Continue reading secrets revealed

Tarot Dreams

O'Mara Tarot & Clairvoyants

Tarot today, I’ve been lost in a dreamworld⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣I’ve spent all my life around Tarot, they are burnt into my subconscious. Dancing around in my mind as living breathing characters, weaving their stories. I don’t really need physical cards at all, I just love the artistry of Tarot & the rituals of preparing & decoding a… Continue reading Tarot Dreams

Pure Intuition

the future is in your hands, how do you choose the right reader for you?

My perfect morning⁣⁣Weekends are made to challenge what you believe. I have been free-styling my last readings, forgetting everything I thought I knew & trusting pure intuition, it has been so cathartic. A complete reawakening of my purpose, reimagining who I thought I should be, where I thought I should be headed. ⁣⁣I am a… Continue reading Pure Intuition

Book With No Pages

Where to look for online psychic readings.

Tarot, the book with no pages. An Almanac of inner truths, symbolic Arcana. 78 magical pasteboards of truth, perfect to while away the hours, though not for fun or triviality. I have read countless books on the Tarot searching for the essential element that will finally decode & reveal it’s hidden mysteries, once & for… Continue reading Book With No Pages