Escape from yourself

six of swords tarot meaning

Escape Yourself

Tarot today – Six of Swords – On my Six of Swords card, shadowy figures drift from turbulent waters into safer currents. Brightness breaks through cloudy sky and a Castle indicating safe haven can be glimpsed in the distance. I usually post very early in the morning & pull the card that I am focusing on, if I am focusing on a card. Then I lay on a couch in contemplation while I wait for the rest of my world to catch up. I drift off into the imagery of the card. Many of the images in this deck were created between 20 & 30 years ago, so the layers of meditation around them deepens & wraps itself around me like a favourite blanket. The essence that forms in my consciousness for this card today is : ‘escape’. Wherever the vessel drifts & whatever stories you tell yourself you may be able to escape circumstances, people, places or any other interaction or distraction that drifts your way. The one thing you will never escape is yourself.

“wherever the boat drifts, be sure to leave the very best impression of your spirit that you can”

A favourite quote of mine, again no one is really sure who said it is ‘They May Forget What You Said, But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel’

Make peace with yourself today, wherever the boat drifts, be sure to leave the very best impression of your spirit that you can.


This card often appears when a questioner has been drifting, especially emotionally. In some classic decks the symbolism shows the boat moving from choppy in to smoother waters. Don’t allow your mind to cling on to doubts & worries, this is a new journey expect positivity & joy, you so deserve it.

The Six of Swords is the card of escape, a reprieve from difficulties and the end of a trying situation. It may not seem like it but we are in the midst of positive transition.

Outmoded friendships and destructive patterns of behaviour must be left behind in the turbulent waters of the six, a fresh cycle begins with this journey. 

The chapter is closed on yesterday, the ink has dried. 

Write a new chapter today, it’s your story & you are the star, have a glorious day

Tarot Affirmation

The Astrological connection here is

Mercury in Aquarius. You are moving

beyond vulnerability, charting a safer,

more inspiring journey. New goals and

new life choices emerge.

Tarot the Six of Swords

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