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high priestess tarot meaning
High Priestess

The High Priestess, Priestess of the Silver Star, Keeper of the keys.

When she appears knowledge washes my subconscious. Not details, fragments, snippets of other times, places.

The older you get the more you realise life is backwards, sideways, all at once. Time is not a straight line, it’s a scribble, difficult to unravel like annoying earbud cables. Sometimes you tune in to something further back or forth on the radio dial of time.

You have to learn to trust your intuition, it becomes a trusted confidant, stronger each time your spiritual wifi successfully connects. The inner voice, like at the edge of a dream, that’s the one to listen for among the noise.

You need to open the shutters of your mind with care, be sure to leave a mental paper trail, to get back to base. When you are certain of your starting point you can travel as far as imagination can carry you.

hear the unsaid & perceive the invisible

When the Priestess steps from behind her pomegranate adorned curtain, she must think you are ready for the information she holds. If she appears to you, be 100% awake, for these are precious secrets.

Her voice entered my mind : “This wisdom cannot be revealed, it must grow in your heart. Seek to hear the unsaid & perceive the invisible. Your answer is waiting, trust your intuition”

With that she was gone, back behind the curtain.

Listen around the edges today, you are a bringer of light, embrace your magic.

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