Find your peace

Be at peace with your thoughts. Away from the endless distractions, the need to be continuously connected, stimulated. We need to allow ourselves space to unravel our experiences, to be alone to process our journey, our purpose. More & more my life seems to be happening all at once. Each part of my journey informing where I am going, where I have been, who I am becoming. Time spent in quiet contemplation, focusing on our dreams and shadows, sheds light on our path enabling us to manifest our authentic purpose.

“That place where time stands still, where you feel complete & alive.”

I am so endlessly grateful that the Tarot took me prisoner. I can fall down the rabbit hole, step through each doorway, use each key to unlock new ways to understand & react to the madness of living. Strive to find your peace, whatever it is that sets you free. That place where time stands still, where you feel complete & alive even when you are alone, that is your truth.

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