bright futures

If the Tarot cards choose you you don’t really have any choice, it’s like some sort of fortune telling Tourettes, you just got to get it out there.

Sometimes it’s not an easy journey, the Royal Road of Tarot, yet it always enlightens, offers an alternate thought path.

Pictures form in your mind, flashes of inspiration, glimpses of locations, scenarios, dancing across those familiar painted pasteboards. Tantalising glimpses of what might be, alternative realities.

Sometimes it’s not an easy journey, the Royal Road of Tarot

Many readers walk a fine line between soothsayer or confidant, Clairvoyant or counsellor. Any legal or health problems need handing over to the professionals, when the sitter leaves make sure they know the future is not set in stone, they can change their destiny. Wise words from those who taught me the craft.

When your future is revealed has that future already started to manifest? If you believe that it has make sure to focus on the best outcomes, thoughts become things, write the best next chapter that you can.

I’ve had a tiring but ultimately satisfying day, I’ve done the best I could with the situations that presented themselves. Sometimes that is really the very best we can hope for..

I hope today finds you happy & energised, the weekend is but a whisper away. Keep going soldier, we can make it if we stick together.

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