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the fortune teller

The Tarot is experiencing yet another renaissance, I am noticing a new younger demographic who are approaching for a reading who have an outlook more akin to my mother’s generations relationship with readings & divination. When I was a child a visit to Madame Tamar was a highly anticipated, usually yearly, ritual. Madame Tamar despite the name, did not sit in a tent wearing a headscarf & large earrings mumbling about tall dark strangers. As I remember her she was a very well turned out lady with 2 small dozing dogs in a comfortable room, no fortune teller cards, only a battered deck of normal playing cards as her oracle. It was Madame Tamar who told me I had no choice, the Tarot had claimed me & would become a very large part of my life. I loved her manner, a reading with her was filled with surprising revelations & a dance through possibilities. I like to think she was to my mother & her contemporaries very much as a therapist would be considered today, only with a little more magic thrown in.

“your future is waiting”

A good reading should be a powerful connection between the reader & the sitter, providing nonjudgmental insight & a useful, ethical snapshot of where the sitter is with their life & possible avenues that could be explored to manifest a positive outcome.

Personally I use Tarot or vintage oracle cards though increasingly I just rely on intuition to guide me through readings. Expert psychics develop their abilities over lifelong commitment to their craft though almost always focus down on one speciality, Tarot, Clairvoyance, Runes or many other psychic skills. There are also mediums who claim to connect with the spirits of those who have passed over, this is a very sensitive area & if you are considering this option please take as much advice as you can, seek out recommendations. A few people who have approached me over the years actually needed grief counselling, not the services of a medium.

In a psychic telephone reading the number one rule should be to leave the sitter feeling uplifted & energised, feeling positive for the future. That’s exactly how I hope you feel today, may your day be fabulous & full of potential, your future is waiting.

The cards turn & as they hit the table the future takes form. 

Everything can turn on a sixpence, change in a moment. 

It’s your journey, punch your destination in to your spiritual satnav.

Do something right now, no matter how small to plant a seed for the future you are dreaming of.

Start the course, write a page, make the call.

Make today magical for you

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