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Tarot today – The power to be human. Priestess / Judgement. As cognitive beings the most beautiful ability we have is to make decisions about our future & react accordingly. I read for a wonderful chameleon yesterday who had a plethora of Major Cards. Including the Priestess & Judgement. What I love about Tarot is that used properly it can transcend the image of fairground psychics & 70’s horror movies to reveal itself as the powerful tool for self assessment & development that it really is. Beyond the painted pasteboards Tarot can be a dance of 2 souls trying to navigate what can be changing & challenging times. Our future is not set in stone & neither are we or are ideas about who we are & where we are going. The questioner here listened intently & then surprised me with a very proactive view of their reading. They are set to trust their intuition (revealed around the Priestess) & have taken a huge decision to reinvent their career & destiny (Judgement), shapeshifting in to a different manifestation of themselves in the process. The Tarot has no inherent power, the power is embedded in those who take these archetypes & use the wisdom of the keys to spark & unlock new & exciting adventures. If you are always the same ‘you’ & you always take the same safe path, you will inevitably reach the same destination. Go forth today & deliberately challenge your automatic responses to everything, you might be surprised where you end up.

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