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Tarot today – The power to be human. Priestess / Judgement. As cognitive beings the most beautiful ability we have is to make decisions about our future & react accordingly. I read for a wonderful chameleon yesterday who had a plethora of Major Cards. Including the Priestess & Judgement. What I love about Tarot is that used properly it can transcend the image of fairground psychics & 70’s horror movies to reveal itself as the powerful tool for self assessment & development that it really is. Beyond the painted pasteboards Tarot can be a dance of 2 souls trying to navigate what can be changing & challenging times. Our future is not set in stone & neither are we or are ideas about who we are & where we are going. A telephone tarot reading is a great place to identify where you might be on your metaphysical path. The questioner here listened intently & then surprised me with a very proactive view of their reading. They are set to trust their intuition (revealed around the Priestess) & have taken a huge decision to reinvent their career & destiny (Judgement), shapeshifting in to a different manifestation of themselves in the process. The Tarot has no inherent power, the power is embedded in those who take these archetypes & use the wisdom of the keys to spark & unlock new & exciting adventures. If you are always the same ‘you’ & you always take the same safe path, you will inevitably reach the same destination. Go forth today & deliberately challenge your automatic responses to everything, you might be surprised where you end up.

Todays card

Lord of the Winds and Breezes, King of the Spirit of Air

The Power of thoughts are turbocharged in our age of Aquarius. The vibe here takes me back to my rave club days in the second summer of love. This rediscovered deck is bringing a super psychedelic flavour to readings. I love the camp colours, the super 70’s vibe. Fab reminder that though Tarot has a message it is also a portal of magic & joy!

This King is buttoned up, always striving for protection. He is here to channel your creativity, to turn thoughts in to things. You may need to get down to business. In a psychic reading he takes the energy of the youngsters in the suit, brings stability & authority to manifest progress through logic.

Take his advice of course, but hell do we need a party right now. As we re-engage with parts of our new reality we have learnt much, much has changed. We now know what fuels us & fun has got to be up there on the agenda & should weave it’s way in to everything we do.

Tarot Affirmation

I am Fire in the suit of Air. My sign is

Aquarius, I prize myself on rationality

& intellect. Remember all that you have

learnt now. strive for productivity and

enthusiasm in everything that you do.

As I get ready to hit send the snow is falling. I hope the weekend finds you well, have as much fun as you can possibly get your hands on …

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