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tarot spread for love
Tarot Spreads For Love

All of my favourite people have one thing in common, unbridled positivity… They make you feel happy just by being there …

One of the most useful, positive and powerful techniques that I have
picked up on my wanders through meditation & hypnosis to change a
negative mindset, is the mind screen. Basically a technique from NLP
that encourages us to imagine a giant tv screen in our mind. This screen can be used to play scenes from our past or our future in our minds eye. Then, we can use our mental remote control, to program our personal mind screen to inject our vision with any quality we desire. Try it, I love a bit of astral traveling, usually just before sleep or on a dozy afternoon. I imagine myself swooping across landscapes and eventually I almost always find myself in front of my mind screen. Just recently I have been using this technique to envisage myself as a character on the screen advancing through the video game of my life & collecting as many positive thoughts & experiences as I can. Simultaneously any unwanted, or no longer needed, pattern of belief, gets zapped with the power of rewind & delete.

Turning off our often default setting of fear & negativity isn’t easy,
but, with practice, like a muscle we can encourage our subconscious to become stronger & start to independently filter negativity &
choose positivity. Start small & listen to your inner voice,
consciously change any thoughts or recurring patterns that are limiting you. By appreciating the small changes that occur in your outlook you will be amazed how this technique has a knock-on effect that sees you wasting less and less of your energy on negativity.

I believe it is everybody’s responsibility to look inside & start to
make changes. There is increasing evidence that by focusing on the
positive side of life we can programme ourselves to feel happier. As
every individual takes responsibility for their thoughts & actions, a
ripple effect begins to spread through our relationships, our
communities & eventually our universe.

Take a moment to thank the universe for everything positive in your
life. Imagine that positivity radiating from you & extending all around the world.

In these times of unprecedented natural disasters, of upheaval such as we are having in the middle east, is it possible for us to have a
positive influence ?. I believe so & so do many others. All sorts of
prophecies point to a massive shift in consciousness at this point in
history. 2012 is supposed to be the tipping point for humanity. Whatever you think of this I hope that you will try & up your positivity
dial just a bit, if only for today, I bet you will be surprised at how
it affects your reality.

I wish you love & success wherever you are. Especially today, I
am sending massive amounts of energy & light to Australia &

Keep looking to a brighter future …


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