The Law of Attraction-Is it working for you ?

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Do you really know, understand the law of attraction? Many people I speak to seem to think it is some magic ATM in the sky that once activated magically showers you with all your wildest desires.

In fact it is a constant mental process that can help you re-program me your internal voice to manifest the life you have always wanted & know you deserve. Unfortunately a lot of people forget that the universe is trying to deliver that which is foremost in your hopes and dreams. So if you are constantly thinking for example “I’m broke, but I’ll be ok when I win the lottery”, the primary message you are sending out is “I’M Broke”, Try instead to hear yourself saying “ I am comfortable where I am, and grateful for what I have, however by recognising the opportunities around me, I can create more wealth and happiness in my life and the lives of those around me”.

Your internal voice controls your thoughts, interests and passions.  It is the root of all your success; on the other hand, it can also scupper your long term plans if you don’t keep it in check. So, if you want to become successful in your daily business or life in general, then you should give deep concentration to what your mind is throwing out subliminally.

If you are working hard to apply the law of attraction to your life, you should follow a few important steps. There is an important step, which is often overlooked by most people, hindering their success. That important step is to surround themselves with those people who already gained success that you are trying to manifest or who have a positive outlook to life in general.

You may have read many success stories as well as witnessed those people who have dramatically changed their life by associating with positive people. May be you have subconsciously absorbed negative habits after associating with certain people. For example, if all of your friends are complaining about money, you may find yourself complaining the same problem, which you may have not realised before. It is a natural process as everyone is susceptible to negative energies in their personal space. A free spiritual reading can often reveal what next steps you need to take as your development unfolds.

I have an example of a man who was working tirelessly to be financially free. He worked hard with the law of attraction and was always positive in mind. He had deep concentration on his own goal, so that he was able to see his success each day. After a few weeks, he met with an old friend and thought he was having a great time. However, on reflection a few weeks later, he came to realise that this friend had planted negative seeds about his new success that had made him doubt his abilities & progress. He was again feeling discouraged about his own life. All his success was looking shaky and he was beginning to suffer self doubt as his so called ‘friend’s’ words rang in his mind.

When he began to reflect, he came to understand that a lot of previous failures in business were due to his listening to the opinions of others. Though, his old friend was a source of great fun he was also a complete pessimist. His friend has doubts about everything, and was cynical of the world in general. That friend complained about the economy, the government, moreover, he also complained those people who have any sort of wealth, in short, he was bitter and jealous. Many of my best Psychic readers are very good at hearing negative patterns in the thoughts and voices of the questioner, helping them identify these thoughts and move them towards more beneficial, happier relationships.

The conversations between he and his friend made him slowly more and more frustrated about his own life. He realised his views of life and reality were tainted by his friend drilling frustration into his head. Although, he had firm determination about his success, he was manifesting his friends thought in every single step, he had allowed someone else’s doubts taint his own success.
The law of attraction helps you to manifest your perfect self by focusing with great passion on what you want to achieve. So, don’t waste your time in interacting with those thoughts or people that may be fun but are essentially completely destructive. These dismal thoughts will influence your success and destroy your business and ability to move forward. So, if you want to be successful in your life, then apply the law of attraction in only a positive way. A psychic reading online can reveal what you need to release & indeed where you need to shift your focus. Never waste your time by influencing yourself with dismal thoughts. Keep contact with those friends who already have succeeded in their business of daily life and maybe move away from those with negative energy.

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