Mabon The Autumnal Eqinox

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The Pagan Holiday of Mabon

Use the Mabon ritual below to attract abundance.

The Pagan holiday of Mabon is celebrated by Wiccans, Druids, and many other ancient religions that celebrate the Autumn Equinox, welcoming in the change of season.  The equinox is a specific point of astrological alignment where the sun crosses the earth’s equator perfectly, allowing for equal daytime and nighttime hours.  This only happens once in the autumn calendar, but this date will change every year due to the consistent wobbling of the earth’s axis.  In general, Mabon occurs every year between September 21 and September 23.  Until this equinox occurs, the daylight hours last longer than the evening hours.  After the Pagan holiday of Mabon, nighttime hours begin to consist of the greater portion of the 24-hour day.

The middle of the harvest
This perfect time of year marks the middle of the Pagan harvesting season where the sunshine and starlight hours are in perfect balance and harmony.  It is the time of year to reap what you have sown, and a time to give thanks for the bountiful harvest that the Goddess provides. This is the perfect time to have a free tarot reading & see what the oracle reveals for you. The Empress tarot card is a card that often shows up around this season, she is the embodiment of nature & always a good omen. The special significance of balance and harmony also translates into making plans for the future while reflecting on past accomplishments or missed opportunities.  This is also the time of year where the sun enters into the sign of Libra, depicted with the Scales of Balance.

All good things must come to an end
While looking back at the previous year and simultaneously making plans for the future, Mabon is celebrated with restful relaxation after that period of time in which so much effort has been placed into the farming and harvesting of the year’s crops.  Since the daylight hours are growing shorter after this holiday, we say goodbye to the Old Sun God and begin embracing the chillier nights, making this the perfect time of year for personal internal reflection.
The importance of Mabon rituals
Many ancient cultures dating back to the time of the Egyptian Pyramids have long associated certain magical powers related to the autumn equinox.   In order to harness these special energies, the Pagan religions adopted some rather specific rituals.  The performing of these rituals is believed to erase away the potential negativity that threatens our daily lives while promoting new positive energies of good fortune, prosperity, and abundance.
Here is a short list of standard items used in the Mabon Rituals:
A candle of a lighter colour
A flame retardant candle dish
One piece of darkly coloured paper
One piece of lightly coloured paper
One lightly coloured envelop
A pinch of thyme seasoning
A pinch of salt seasoning
A pen with gold ink

Performing the Mabon rituals
In the late afternoon hours on the day of Mabon, nearing that perfectly balanced time of dusk, the autumn equinox candle of a lighter colour is lit. Using the pen with gold ink, believers will write on the dark piece of paper three things that they would like to rid themselves from their lives in the coming year.  These items can be anything from “poverty” to “loneliness” to “low self-esteem”.  Next, sprinkle a dash of salt on the candle’s flame.  The darkly coloured paper is then burnt as an offering to the Goddess in the flame retardant candle dish.

The next portion of the Mabon rituals will be to write down three things that you want to attract or draw into your life.  Write these three items down on the light coloured paper using the pen with the golden ink.  You might include desires such as “love”, “wealth”, “inner peace” or “family harmony”.  Next, fold the paper three times before placing it inside the lightly coloured envelope.

Take a pinch of thyme and sprinkle it over the candle’s flame.  Carefully, allow a bit of the wax to drip on the back portion of the envelope, essentially sealing the letter inside.  Now, blow out the candle while focusing on these positive things that you home will enter into your life.  The final step is to place the sealed envelope under your pillow at night.  If the Goddess believes your requests to be forthright, then your wishes will be granted in the coming year.

The Pagan holiday of Mabon is considered perhaps the most important of the many religious events throughout the year.  The magical powers associated with the autumn equinox are a very rare occurrence, and cultures of many different religions and faiths have used this special time of year to recharge and re-energise their lives and achieve their highest potentials.  This is also the time of year where the sun enters into the sign of Libra, depicted with the Scales of Balance.  So special attention is always paid to recognising that the balance of the year has now changed.

As we prepare to welcome the new season, I sincerely wish the next year brings everything you desire.

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