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Interesting Facts for the Harvest Moon
The Harvest Moon for the Northern Hemisphere comes quite early this year. Night and day merge at the same time for the Autumn Equinox, when night & day are roughly the same length. The September Harvest Moon for this year falls on the night of September 18 and 19, depending on where you are around the globe.
During this night, the fullest, brightest moon can be witnessed. Regardless of where you are in the world, this full moon, emerges at the same time as sunset, giving the appearance of being low in the sky. The reason for this optical illusion is that full moon is opposite the sun making the moon appear full and larger than normal.
So can you look for the Harvest Moon on other nights? Of course you can. The Harvest Moon fun is not limited to the nights of September 18, 19 or 20. At northerly and middle latitudes in the Northern hemisphere, the moon looks full and bright around these nights. You will witness a bright, round moon in the sky which rise around the sunset time highest at the middle of the night. The process of moonlight nights describes the Harvest Moon. Before electricity, a bright harvest moon was welcomed by farmers gathering the seasonal crop.
Harvest Moon is only a name. Basically it is the name for the full moon that is closest to the autumnal equinox. This is the perfect time to seek out a free tarot reading to see what might be revealed for you during the upcoming lunation. If the Moon card appears around this time this is a great omen & exciting changes are headed your way.
What makes Harvest Moon so special is the early evening glow that can be produced. Each full moon will rise around sunset. Right after the Harvest Moon, you get to see the moon rising in the east soon after sunset for few days at the northerly latitudes. The delay time between the moon descending will be slower. Due to this, it appears as though there are many full moons—for a few nights around the point of the Harvest Moon.
The Harvest Moon is like any ordinary full moon. It is not really brighter, bigger or more colorful than other full moon though you might think it is. The reason for this is that in some months, the full moon is nearer to us in orbit compared to others and so it appears to be much bigger. However, the distance of the full moon will depend on where on its orbit the moon is.
There is no connection between the Harvest Moon of each year and the location of the moon in its orbit. It varies each year. The Harvest Moon 2013 is quite close to average-sized full moon. It was June this year that the biggest full moon was seen and people call this supermoon.
You might think still that the Harvest Moon will look brighter, bigger and more colorful. That is because the moon has a powerful mystique. A lot of people look for it shortly right after the sunset, and this year is even more exciting as Venus & Saturn should also be visible. After this, the moon will be near the horizon and it will just have risen. The location of the moon close to the horizon is what causing the Harvest Moon to appear orange in color and bigger. I usually see a rise in people looking for a psychic reading on Phonebill around this time, people feel the pull of the moon & what to see what might manifest for them. The moon has always fascinated me, and my Moon Tarot card is often placed under my pillow to aid meditation on the meaning of this mysterious card .

Just as the Autumn equinox, or Mabon, blends day & night, reality & illusion can be confused under the power of the Full Moon & dreams can be exceptionally powerful & revealing. Listen to your intuition.

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