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The Autumn Equinox will fall between the 21st & 23rd September. As I drew my daily tarot card today I saw the familiar harvest scene of the Seven of Pentacles, signifying that now is the time to reap the rewards of previous hard work, perfect synchronicity.

All about the Autumn Equinox

Scientifically speaking, Autumn Equinox is the time when we have equal nights and days. Thus, Autumn Equinox is an astronomical point where the earth slightly bobs on its axis. The exact dates when this event takes place may vary by few days depending on the year, but it normally takes place between 21st and 23rd September each year. In other words, this is the time the sun is crossing the equator as it heads southwards; hence, we experience a momentary duration of equal nights and days. Before this time, we have longer days than nights, but after the Autumn Equinox, the nights are longer than the days.

The Autumn Equinox is also called the Mabon (pronounced as MAY-bun or MAH-bawn). The Autumn Equinox marks the time when the harvest is winding down, or simply stated, it is the mid-harvest season. Many pagan and Wiccan traditions use this time to give thanks to the gods for the blessings we have, including wealth, and crops. Also, the pagan tradition gives thanks for the waning sunlight during Mabon as they store away the crop harvest.

Mabon is seen as the time to reap what you sow; it is the time to celebrate nature’s balance and providence. Also, the Druidstake this time to pour libation to the god of the forest (what they call green man). The libation may be in the form of wine, fertiliser, or herbs. The Wiccans celebrate this time as the time when the aging goddess transforms herself from mother to crone. Indeed, this is the time when nature is in a perfect balance.

Also, Mabon is taken as the time to look forward on the future in order to plan for it. So, as you celebrate the rich harvest, you rest from the hard work. However, as you rest, you are now supposed to look forward to the future. The traditions hold that Mabon must pass; that the sun god must be mourned as we transit from summer to winter; thus, winter represents the goddess’ loving arms.

A sacred Autumnal morning today. Reclaiming some sanity from the madness of the week through touchpoints of art & beauty. Flowers & Tart are a language I understand & I worship them as one would any other deity.

My daily rituals, the ceremonies of repetition allow me to unscramble the theatre of my life. They really are the guardians of my mental health. It has been my mission to provide the best online psychic readings uk & sometimes I need my rituals to protect me from the stresses & strains of daily tasks.

I don’t normally use rituals to fix things, I just use them to reveal the vibes around the problem. If I can fix those then the problem always fades away.

I sat outside having lunch yesterday, it was divine & then as the afternoon crept by a change in the air whispered of the magic that is just around the corner.

During Mabon celebrations, rituals are held, and some songs are recited to give thanks for the riches which have been bestowed upon mankind. The rituals performed during Mabon involve such symbols as gourds, wine, acorns, apples, vines, pomegranates, pine cones and dried seeds. Other rituals performed during this period, apart from pouring of libation, include adorning of graves with acorns, leaves, and pine cones to pay respect to those who have gone before us. It also involves walking in the forest, and scattering offerings in the bare fields where the harvest was taken from. All these rituals are aimed to bring security, prosperity, and achieve harmony and balance.

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