Structure in Chaos

structure from chaos

The backbone of my sites & my own routine is my daily Major Arcana card. Having a structure to form the bedrock of your day is so important & is often overlooked by many of us for so long, it truly can bring clarity amongst confusion. Having no structure results in chaos which can be fun for a while, yet ultimately becomes exhausting. Whatever ritual you can build to start and end your day can revolutionise your life. My daily cards have become like a journal for me & I like to close my day by reviewing what I have achieved & also what I could have done better. I usually document a snippet on my Tarot themed Instagram, I would be delighted if you dropped in for a look. I have other elements in my routine, a smorgasbord of things I have picked up on my journey this far. I like to do a brief meditation chant which sometimes involves lighting incense. This evolved from a Catholic childhood, my belief didn’t continue down that road though I still respect my family & hope they understand my leanings toward a less structured, more Buddhist belief system. Same with exercise & diet, rigid structures don’t work for me, so, I have a regular, though diverse regime I can dip in & out of to keep the actual machinery of my body running as I would like.

“Whatever you believe, believe in yourself first”

Todays Tarot – The Power of The Emperor

When I need to move my life up a gear I turn to the Emperor, here are my musings on that most powerful of cards.

Stop looking for the green light. You are that light.

I’m an Aries, the Emperor is my man. He is driven by Mars, he can flip the f*** it switch take control & just make it happen, through the power of sheer will. This energy is intoxicating, the consequences may be challenging – hell, we’’l cross that bridge when we come to it.

The Imperator is that solid energy that hides inside, the emergency power pack. He appears to guide you through all the noise, all the fools & naysayers. 

The Emperor is your beliefs, If we won’t defend our beliefs with honesty & passion, then do we really stand for anything at all?

He often appears when you think you have run out of options, he has been building within your whole life, you know deep down what you are capable of. Pick up the orb & sceptre, your time is now.

Whatever it is, the project, the move, the relationship, The Emperor allows you to step in to your truth, that is where your power lies. One of the most asked questions of my psychic readers online is ‘How Do I find My Purpose?’. Over the course of recent events people have been forced to look at how they spend their time & many aren’t happy with what they find!

These strange times have brought fear & anger. The Emperor doesn’t need to engage in debate, he follows his own path, sticks and stones won’t break his bones.

Be ready to unveil the person you know you truly are, this could be the time of your life. The only way to make the world believe in you, is by finally believing in yourself.

Got a challenge? Unleash the Emperor, today you can slay. 

In my work the same evolutionary structure has served me well. From the great comments & reviews I have been getting I am happy that my services have evolved to offer a service I am proud of with the most consistent, extraordinary readers I have found. Psychic text reading has proven popular among the new breed of spiritually aware. `they want answers & change & they want them now! I am always expanding my outlook & am excited with the new developments that I have in the pipeline. The one thing my Tarot Journey has given me is belief. If I set my sights on something & truly believe that I can do it, I have found that my subconscious conspires with the Universe to deliver on that promise & manifest those dreams in my reality. Whatever long held dream you have simmering on the back burner, is it time to re-ignite that passion? To gently turn up the heat & get that recipe bubbling again? Whatever it is & wherever you are, I truly wish you well on your journey. Whatever you believe, believe in yourself first.

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