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psychic vampires

What are Psychic Vampires and How Do You Identify Them?

As Human beings, we are made up of a physical component i.e. the body and a spiritual component which is unseen. It is this spiritual component that provides us with the energy to deal with normal life situation and problems. When we are in tune with our spiritual component and understand that it is up to us to deal with our own problems, we are able to successfully solve our issues without much help from others as we feel we have the energy and power to do so. On the other hand, those of us who are not in tune with our spirituality will be constantly lacking the required energy to solve our own problems and may rely on sucking the energy out of others around us to fill our requirements.  If you are still reading then I expect you are in touch with your energy & can readily identify those who seem to drain your life force ?. Why do we tolerate this & can we learn to set up psychic barriers to protect ourselves from individuals who feed off our energy.

How do Psychic Vampires Come About?

When we are growing up in we rely on others (mainly parents) to help us solve our problems as we learn how to rely on ourselves growing into adulthood. Once we are all grown up we have developed a way to stay in tune with our energy requirements. Psychic vampires, on the other hand, are emotionally immature & yet to gain this independence, which sometimes can arise from the effects of an unbalanced childhood. They continue to rely on others to fulfill their energy requirements. Most energy vampires will always have some complaints that they never seem to solve themselves, recurring recounts of sad experiences that they never seem to let go of, etc. I’m sure you are forming a picture in your mind of people who may fill this description in your own life.

How do Psychic Vampires Affect you?

Being around such people has detrimental effects on your own energy as they suck out your life force, it’s as simple as that. You often hear “Goodness, I find so & so SO exhausting”, this is a psychic vampire feeding off of someones energy. It is common to always feel depressed or overwhelmed after spending time around such people, and the sooner you learn to recognise this and set up your ‘psychic shield’, the better. Their problems may seem to take a toll on you and end up bringing you down. It is recommended that you find ways of identifying such people to be able to deal with them accordingly. Many people land on my pages after searching tarot reading near me, when they arrive there has been a shift in questions that we see. After a strange couple of years where people have experienced isolation we have seen an increase in who people trust. Spending a lot of time on your own can play tricks with the mind, a free psychic reading can be a good baseline to find out where your head is at. Often the structure of a tarot reading can be helpful if our mind has been running away with us.

How to Identify a Psychic Vampire

Before you look at others first look at yourself. It is important to make sure that you are not a psychic vampire to begin with, be scrupulously honest with yourself! The main questions to ask here are; are you always carrying around drama? Do you always feel the need to lay your problems on others? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need to stay alert and always try to stop yourself when you feel that you are starting some sort of unnecessary drama. Here you may need some help as it is not easy to restrain yourself. A mantra, or a crystal that you carry & hold when you feel the ‘Dramarama’ closing in, (Blue Aventurine is a good example that provides protection).

People always use drama to attract undue attention, make sure you identify such people as this is the simplest way of identifying psychic vampires. Though you may empathise with their situation, it is important not to give too much attention to them than is necessary.

From now learn to recognise when someone is draining your energy. As soon as you do, try & steer the conversation to a more positive destination. In your imagination see your psychic shields shoot up & a shower of white light clean & energise you.

As always sending out loads of positive vibes !

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