Lunar eclipse 2013 – What does it mean ?

the power of the solar eclipse

April 25, 2013 sees the impressive lunar eclipse. The eclipse will begin at 6:05pm (GMT) and end at 10:10pm (GMT). For most people in the United Kingdom and further west, the penumbral eclipse won’t be visible at the start but will likely be seen by much of Europe and Asia by 8:05pm GMT when it’s at its maximum.

Astrology and the lunar eclipse

This partial lunar eclipse is at 5 degrees Scorpio, as this eclipse cycle comes to a close now is the time to close the door on negativity, especially around relationships. Any relationship that has survived this period will have faced transformations and emotional turmoil, though will have emerged strengthened because of this. New beginnings are inevitable around this eclipse and therefore has been preceded by a period of uncertainty or uneasiness that is set to lift. Balance should return after this phase has run it’s course, it is certainly not a time to try and take control, just hold on and enjoy the ride!.

What Is the Lunar Eclipse?

The penumbral eclipse happens when the moon, Earth and sun are all in alignment and the moon passes behind the Earth – so it goes into its shadow. Anyone who is witnessing the night time will be able to see the eclipse, as long as the weather conditions are perfect – the sky will need to be clear. An eclipse can only happen when there is a full moon.

There are two lunar eclipses every year – 2013 sees an eclipse in April and October. The lunar eclipses will not always be the same level of intensity, depending on the positioning of the three masses.

Viewing the Lunar Eclipse

People will be aware that viewing a solar eclipse with the naked eye is dangerous. This isn’t the case with lunar eclipses. The light of the moon is actually dimmer than its natural light, which makes it safe for all.

The eclipse will also last for a longer period of time. Typically, solar eclipses last for a few minutes but, as the times show, a lunar eclipse occurs for a few hours. Of course, it will be impossible to see anything until the sun has set.

Mythology Surrounding the Lunar Eclipse

Like with many other astronomical events, there is much mythology surrounding the lunar eclipse. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the moon was being swallowed by a sow for a short period of time, while other cultures believed that other animals were swallowing it – the Mayans believed that a jaguar was swallowing the moon.

In some cultures, the moon was being swallowed by demons. They believed that curses and throwing stones would bring the moon back and rid the night sky of the demons.

The penumbral lunar eclipse will start at 6:05pm on April 25, 2013. It will last for about four hours and will be visible by the majority of Northern Africa, Asia and Europe, with some of the Eastern States and Canada catching part of it.

Remember this eclipse closes a phase and endings are inevitable, heralding new starts and challenges in early May.

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