Amazing Solar Eclipse, 2015

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Amazing 2015 Solar Eclipse To Be Seen from UK: Where and How to Watch It Best

One of the most amazing events of the year 2015 is upon us. On Friday most British people will have the unique chance to watch the biggest solar eclipse for the last 16 years. Most of Britain will be covered in darkness with some parts experiencing nearly 99 per cent. Other regions will unfortunately miss the most intense activity of this grand solar eclipse.

Where to See It?

People throughout UK are eager to find the best place where the eclipse is observable at its prime. Most fans of these wonderful events know that you can get the best view by heading as far north as possible, as close as possible to the Northern Pole. It means that as close to north west Scotland you can get, the better your view. Unfortunately, British folks from the south east parts of the UK will see the least of the solar eclipse, especially with the current level of smog. If you wonder where the most preferable place in the UK to witness nature’s spectacle is – it’s called the Isle of Lewis, located in the Outer Hebrides.

Many people have already picked the Faroe Islands as their  destination to view this magnificent spectacle. The eclipse there will be total, so needless to say, every single hotel in the area is fully booked. UK residents are overall quite lucky, because even in the parts where lowest intensity is present there will be nearly 82% coverage.

How to Watch It Best?

Your Friday morning should be free. The eclipse starts at 8 am and it reaches a peak at 9:30 am. It’s all over at 11 am. If you are new to such events, then you should know some very important things. First of all, do not look directly at the sun without any protection. However, even if you decide to look directly in the sun with special glasses, there is still risk. Do not stare for too long in any case!

You can buy protective glasses from optical or camera stores, but know that ordinary sunglasses just won’t do the job. The most reliable choice are products with the CE mark on them. It means that these glasses are appropriate and meet all requirements of the EU. As Friday approaches, your best solution will be to scout out a local solution. Huge demand is surely predicted at the last moment so don’t wait, and again take no risks.

Alternatively, you can use camera to watch the solar eclipse. If you decide to take pictures, be extremely cautious. Even protective glasses in conjunction with your camera may not be enough to save you from the sun rays, especially if using magnification. Use both a filter on your camera in combination with protective glasses to ensure maximum protection.

Even if you are unable to travel and see the eclipse, you definitely won’t miss it. The BBC will show it on large screens in various locations, such as Leeds, Glasgow, Belfast, Bristol, Bradford, Coventry, Waltham Forest, Woolwich, Portsmouth, Swansea and Warwick. Astronomical societies have joined the initiative, they will run classes to ensure that anyone who wants to participate will find the best solution to experience this amazing solar eclipse.

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  1. Another interesting thing to watch is the behaviour of birds during an eclipse. They’ll go quiet, and this gives contributes to the special atmosphere during the event.

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