The Solar Eclipse, What does it mean for you ?

the power of the solar eclipse

A solar eclipse happens when the moon moves in front of the sun and as a result a thin ring of light can be seen around it, never try & view an eclipse with the naked eye !

Yesterday friends in Australia told me about the powerful solar eclipse, apparently this was an extra special eclipse & those present felt tangible awe as they observed this incredible phenomena. A lot of my more spiritual friends told me they felt a powerful shift as they watched the solar eclipse, and combined with the new moon this is definitely the time to grasp the energy and positivity that is all around us. Any Solar eclipse always fires the imagination and make us realise how small we are in the grand scheme of things, BUT also, just how great we can become if we just allow a small shift in our consciousness.

What did the solar eclipse mean for you ? What did you feel ?

For me personally the eclipse led me to my Tarot deck of course !, the card I drew to correspond to this event was my ‘Death’ card. You can find the true meaning of the Death Tarot card here. It made me contemplate my place in the universe, in the grander scheme of things …

When the Death card appears in a psychic tarot phone reading you have hope where there used to be confusion. Man dies many times in his life before he actually leaves this existence. This is one of those times for you enabling you to leave the past behind & step in to your future with renewed energy. Great changes await you.  My meditation on the Death card revealed this : A black flag with a mysterious insignia fluttered, a dark feather fell before me, & then I saw him. As he silently glided past everything in his wake withered & died, rich & poor, young and old all succumbed to him. The Sun quickly set between two towers. Terror struck me as he turned to face me. I heard the voice. “The Sun will rise again, I am Death, the Fool knows not of me. Your life is fear & dreams, will you truly live this life before I come looking for you ?”. Shaken but elated I watched him fade away …

This Magical eclipse challenges our values at DNA level. After a period of introspection complex situations and complicated social interactions force us to value what is really important. We are chasing purpose & security in our existence, our so called new world allows us to shed the aspects of our lives we no longer value or feel nourished by.

What is no longer relevant in your existence ? What is holding you back from the next phase of your development ?.

I hope this incredible phase powers you forward on your journey. As always I wish you only the best !

Paul O’Mara

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