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Long Distance Love – Can it Work ?

A few years ago I relocated & spent time traveling the middle east absorbing the amazing culture & using this time to study the deeper connections in the Tarot. I had a great apartment & shared it with two crazy cats, no tv & intermittent internet connection. I had been in what I knew was the relationship of my life for many years & was happy that my partner followed me to share the experience. And then he decided it wasn’t for him. Devastated I realised that I had to ride out my time & threw myself in to the work & research I had traveled for. Every morning as I awoke to the call to prayer I thought of him, & at times I admit was incredibly lonely. Absence though, really does make the heart grow fonder. We not only survived the time we spent apart, it cemented our relationship as undoubted life soulmates.

So can a long distance relationship work ?

We survived through the magic of iChat & Skype. Many people I know have discovered love through the power of the internet. The internet is becoming more and more popular everyday. People are using the internet for all of their needs. This can be anything from working, paying bills, staying in touch with family, or even dating and trying to find a potential person to spend the rest of their life with. Internet has given everyone infinite possibilities.

Many people are utilising online dating sites more and more in wanting to date and meet new people. Phone tarot reading is also a useful tool to see which suitor may be hovering just over the horizon. There are innumerable reasons for this. Some people do not have time to go out and meet people. Other people are shy and have a hard time approaching people. However, the fact remains that people are using online dating websites. Some of these sites are free and others charge a monthly membership fee. It is all a matter of the particular site.

There are also other ways to meet people through the internet. You do not necessarily have to be involved in an online dating site. Some people meet others through instant messengers. There are also unending numbers of chat rooms available on the internet.

Some of these are related to different lifestyles, age groups or other factors. Others are just based around general chat topics. These can be great ways to connect and talk with other people. Psychic reading London is the term that is currently bringing people to these pages & a lot of people are interested in the work they need to do on themselves before setting out on the dating trail. Meeting people without having to worry about awkwardness or self confidence issues is a skill that people need to develop, especially after recent strange times. There is much more freedom with online conversations & the younger generations seem to be especially comfortable with digital introductions.

With any online conversation, there is the potential for a relationship to develop. In many cases, these relationships are long distance. There are many online relationships that are very successful. They are continued online for a period of time. If things go well, then both people will decide that they want to meet each other in person.

Oftentimes, they will have talked on the phone, via emails, the internet, and will also have possibly spent time on webcams spending time together and seeing each other. They have worked on developing a good relationship between each other. They will have gotten to know each other well and know quite a bit about the other persons personality and character.

People tend to hide themselves behind their computers. You can only pretend and hide your true self from someone for so long before they will find out the true person that lies within. This is true in any type of a relationship. However, with a long distance relationship, it may be possible to get away with pretending for a longer period of time.

The person that you are spending time with is not there with you in your everyday life. You could be pursing other relationships without them knowing. You could also be putting on a front for the person that you are talking to. However, in time, you will have to show your true self. They will want to take the relationship further or something will come up to where they start finding out the truth.

It is best to be open and honest in any situation. If you are pursuing a long distance relationship, keep in mind that many are very successful. There are some that do not work out. This is usually due to actions of both people.

Some people just cannot handle the distance and want to have someone physically with them so bad. But, if you are willing and put your heart into it, you can have a successful long distance relationship and it could potentially turn into a situation where you spend the rest of your life with the person of your dreams once you meet each other.

I hope you find yourself loved today, remember you are a unique soul & deserve the best the universe can offer

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