Black Tourmaline the great protector

Black Tourmaline psychic stone
Psychic protection with Black Tourmaline

One of my favourite recent acquisitions to my Tarot readings space is a beautiful chunk of Black Tourmaline. I have found that rather than distract me from the reading or the person I am reading for, this shiny new friend seems to absorb any negative niggling energy & bounce back very powerful waves of inspiration & positivity. Even though I spent a lot of my formative years wandering the courtyards of Glastonbury among the many mystical shops, marveling at the variety of practitioners. I am relatively new to Crystal energy. Now I am finding it easier to tune in to the frequencies of my growing collection, and this new acquisition was talking to me the moment I saw it. I feel that Black Tourmaline is set to become a favourite & I have heard from several occult & pagan friends that it is renowned for reviving dormant psychic abilities, for revealing previously unconsidered paths in a persons current incarnation. People have been using crystals for thousands of years because of their potent energy and therapeutic properties. One of the most popular, and most powerful, of all crystals is I am now finding, black tourmaline. People in the healing arts prize black tourmaline for its ability to encourage positivity, bring good luck, increase a person’s feeling of happiness and other metaphysical influences. Black Tourmaline is used to increase the intensity of psychic and Tarot readings as it absorbs negativity allowing a positive inspiring reading to develop. Today there are many people that use this wonderful crystal in their homes and indeed even wear pendants and other jewellery created from black tourmaline so that they can take advantage of its powerful healing properties throughout the day. I have just purchased a quite ostentatious but nevertheless beautiful ring so I can keep this new energy with me at all times.
One of the most prized properties of black tourmaline is that it protects against negative energy of all kinds. Unlike many other types of crystals, black tourmaline does not absorb negative energy, only protect against it. This is significant as some crystals lose their effectiveness over time from absorbing too much negative energy.  With black tourmaline however, negative energy is either converted into positive energy or changed in a way that makes the negative energy less harmful.
With the ever increasing amount of electromagnetic energy that we humans are exposed to, black tourmaline becomes even more important. It is believed that EMF waves are dispelled with this crystal, protecting a person’s body from the harmful effects that they cause. Indeed, there are some scientists that believe that EMF radiation is the cause of many of today’s most prevalent health problems, including cancer. Using black tourmaline many people are able to lessen these negative effects and protect their health.
If you suffer from feelings of self-doubt, anxiety or stress and are looking for a crystal that will spiritually ground you, it would be best to have black tourmaline either on your body or close to it for as many hours a day as possible. If you are a positive, enlightened person you may still want to use black tourmaline to protect yourself from those around you who are not and may harm you with their negativity.
It is said that this amazing crystal, if put under your pillow while you sleep, can cleanse your spirit, strengthen your immunity and even relieve the pain of arthritis and other physical problems.  Stress, a common health problem that afflicts millions, can also be reduced by having black tourmaline on or around your body.
If you are strong spiritually or psychically and you use your abilities to help others, black tourmaline can be used to help keep you grounded and provide psychic protection. In this case you may wish to use it as jewelry or keep a small black tourmaline crystal in your pocket during the day as you work.
Whether you are a healer or looking for protection from negativity, black tourmaline is the crystal that you need. A combined crystal healing and telephone tarot reading can be amplified if you hold a talisman or crystal during the process.  The amazing properties of tourmaline have been recognised for millennia and it should be a part of any spiritual and cleansing crystal assortment.

This new friend is set to take pride of place among my collection, I just hope that the Moldavite doesn’t become too jealous.

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