Create a Positive Outlook, Staying Hopeful in Challenging Times

positive outlook

Past, present, future. As a Tarot reader that is my bread & butter. It can be hard to keep a positive vibration, the trick is living in the moment. In order to create the future that we dream of, we have to tap in to our memory bank of positive experiences. If we layer those on top of positive intentions in the current moment, we can begin to paint the picture of the future we deserve.

Mystical types are a funny bunch, always chasing the magic, every new moon, every turn of a card can promise brighter days. It’s lovely to allow ourselves to get lost in wonder, sometimes we need to put down our props & get our hands dirty. Now is one of those times, we have been going through it, time to get involved & embrace action.

What we are seeking is actually hope, because without that we are lost. Maybe hope isn’t the magic we need right now but it is the pilot light we have to keep alight, no matter what. People often search tarot reading near me before they land on my pages. I love reading comments from people as to how my free online tarot readings have given them hope, or inspired them to look at their situation from a different perspective.

Today is full of potential, New Moon in Aquarius AND Chinese New Year of The Black Water Tiger, how much more positivity do you need?

Interpersonal relationships, unleashed potential & radical success are promised if we grasp our authenticity & allow our unique light to shine.

Tarot is my true love so my focus here is on the Moon card, in a tarot reading we focus on how that archetype can help us shift our world if we focus our thoughts. Astrology is my mistress, Venus is direct, Mercury goes direct any day now. Personally I’m an Aries & Mars in Capricorn right now fuels my mojo. The planet of action promises global domination.

Moon Affirmation:

“The darkest hour is always just before the dawn.

Why do you still fear ghosts & nocturnal apparitions?

These are just transitory illusions.”

I hope today is transformational for you, make it happen

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